Quick & Dirty Workout
May 05, 2010

The CrossFit Central women's workout for today inspired me to do a solo performance in my backyard. By the end of the burpees, I looked...

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Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin’… For Burpees
March 31, 2010

Yes, back in the day, I played Laurie in "Oklahoma" and had the dubious honor of opening the show with an a cappella "Oh, what...

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We Heart Burpees: A Valentine Workout
February 12, 2010

It's truer in workouts than anywhere else... Misery loves company. So grab your favorite workout partner for a special Valentine's Day throw-down. You can thank Dave...

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Hangin’ At The Track
February 08, 2010

Even though it's old news now, I wanted to share the workout Dave and I did on Saturday because it was 1) fun;  2) difficult...

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Workout Envy
January 16, 2010

Illustration from Steve Mack's Spot IllustrationDo you ever read other CrossFitters' accounts of their workouts and feel the itch to try a particular WOD yourself?...

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2010, Officially Kicked Off
January 01, 2010

Eleven of us descended on Gillis Park this morning, temps in the low 30s, sun shining brilliantly. Thank you, Tabata Warriors, for coming out to...

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Cookie PR?! And Back to Green Things
December 27, 2009

On October 25, Dave and I did a Moxy-Boss designed workout we called "Sunday Sprints:" WOD 1: 4 rounds 10 kettlebell throws 10 broad jumps...

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And A Deadhang Pullup, No Band
December 19, 2009

Dave and I did The 12 Days of CrossFit Christmas workout this morning. A few observations:1. Silly headgear and socks make any workout more fun.2....

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12 Days of CrossFit Christmas
December 12, 2009

Last week, I spent an entire day listening to Christmas music at work. I'm officially in the spirit! I lean more toward Brian Setzer Orchestra...

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The Sprunge Workout
December 07, 2009

SPRINT + LUNGE = SPRUNGEMy usual Saturday sprints got pushed to Sunday by sleeping late after my rock show on Friday night, and then my...

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Austin is Safe From Zombies… For Now
November 01, 2009

This is it: the final post about zombies until, ya know, they actually attack.On Saturday morning, the zombie hunting crew met at Auditorium Shores to...

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Zombie Attack Preparedness (ZAP) Workout
October 27, 2009

Around our house, we like to think that we're prepared for when the zombies attack, thanks to our fitness training and paleo diet. With Halloween...

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