Hangin’ At The Track

Even though it’s old news now, I wanted to share the workout Dave and I did on Saturday because it was 1) fun;  2) difficult enough to be interesting; and 3) a good one to do with friends that may not be CrossFitters yet or when you don’t have equipment within arms’ reach.

Warmup, easy pace
3 rounds:
10 squats
10 kettlebell swings (replace with pushups if no kettlebell)
10 rotations

high knees
butt kicks
punter kicks
side shuffle
skip forward
skip backwards
lunge w/rotation
5 caterpillars

400m easy lap

4 rounds:
400m run
10 sprawls + 15 pushups + 20 situps

My time: 19:37
(I ran a hill sprint when I finished the WOD because the hill looked fun. You can skip that part if you want.)

2X 1:00 plank
Practice kipping pullup
Practice deadhang pullup

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