CrossFit Women’s Challenge: Team Relentless

This is Carla and Jennifer. They’re my teammates for the CrossFit Central Women’s Challenge on September 12. They’re also two awesomely good friends, like… if I’m being grumpy, they try to make me laugh. But if I’m really upset, for real, they make me feel like they’re on my side. And when I want to be silly, eat Tex-Mex, or do a sweat-tastic workout, they’re right there, too.

Also on our side? Dave. He’s part of our training team. Just like the pro football players who scrimmage with the team at practice but don’t play in the games, Dave is with us for every rep of our Saturday workouts, but due to being a boy and all, he won’t be competing with us.

The CrossFit Women’s Challenge is a two-event surprise. Wheeee! Part one is a roughly 2-mile trail run that will “involve some other stuff.,” according to the secretive Carey Kepler. Hmmmm. Sounds like we might be hauling and/or lifting some heavy things. Neat!

Part two of the Challenge will be held at the gym and is promised to include “heavy lifting and maybe some pullups.”

To prepare for our unknown challenges we have first – and perhaps most importantly – chosen our coordinated outfits, and second, planned to workout together on Saturdays from now until September 12. We’re even conspiring with the enemy and opening up our training time to another team. (I’m looking at you, Maggie, Annie, and Vickie!)

This was our workout on Saturday morning:

Indian run with a 10-lb medicine ball
The person at the back of the line carries the ball ’til it’s time to sprint, then they pass the ball to the person in front of them and sprint to the head of the line. Repeat. We did it for about 1/4 mile. Twice. (I also ran with a backpack on my back that held two water bottles, my wallet, and everyone’s keys… maybe 10 lbs.?)

4 rounds, for time:

  • 15 sprawls
  • 25 pushups
  • 15 box jumps
  • run down the spiral (200m?)
  • bear crawl halfway up
  • sprint the rest of the way

Medicine ball circle
Overhead tap situps with the medicine ball, then throw it to the person on your left. Total reps per person: 60; with the ball: 20.

Plank for 1:30

This is how we looked when it was all said and done:

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