Your how-to guide for a month of great meals.

I’ve been a paleo advocate for 10 years.  During the last decade of cooking and eating, I’ve learned that there are two keys to long-term success: preparation and delicious variation. An empty fridge and boring food are the express lane to ordering take-out.

So this ebook is 140 pages of recipes, full-color photos, and all the info you need to make three meals a day, plus snacks, without having to figure out all the logistics yourself. It’s a foolproof plan for a month of delicious, healthy paleo (and Whole30®) meals!

Meal planning doesn’t have to be crazy-making.

With this meal plan, you’ll eat irresistible food every day—breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Along the way, you’ll learn how to put together your own meal plans. By the end, you’ll be able to continue your good habits beyond this 28-day plan.

I like to get strategic in the kitchen, so I didn’t just plunk 84 recipes into a calendar and call it a meal plan. You deserve better than that!

My approach starts with a once-a-week cooking session: The Weekly Cookup. That prepares you for several days of eating without cooking from scratch every time. It also includes recipes that come together in about 30 minutes. Leftovers can be transformed into something new for lunch later in the week. Because nothing kicks off the weekend like a leisurely breakfast, there are also brunch-worthy recipes to start your Saturdays and Sundays right.

Let’s talk about the food.

With the recipes in this ebook, your taste buds will always be exploring. You’ll eat irresistible meals like Slow-Cooker Mississippi Beef, Sushi Bar Tuna Salad with Nori Chips, Hungarian Goulash, Italian Sausage Meatballs with Zucchini Noodles, Breakfast Tacos, Cashew Chicken, Thai Larb, BBQ Burgers with Ranch Potato Salad, Eggs Benedict, and so many more.

Plus, you’ll feel energetic and clear-headed because all of the recipes are compliant with the paleo framework (and the Whole30® program). That means there are no grains (or gluten), dairy, legumes, soy, or added sugars. The recipes feature high-quality protein, a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables, a variety of luscious fats, and plenty of herbs and spices to… spice things up.

My goal with this meal plan is to help you cook delicious, nourishing meals, so that you can live your best life outside the kitchen.

Each week of the meal plan includes:

  • – menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—plus snack ideas
  • – detailed shopping lists arranged by grocery store section
  • – step-by-step how-to instructions for a Weekly Cookup
  • – recipes for every dish on the menu
  • – day-by-day eating and cooking reminders to keep the plan on track
  • – tips for packing lunches to go
  • – printable menus, shopping lists, and templates for your own meal plans

Plus… 10 steps to make paleo easier and more fun, 5 ways to master meal planning, and plenty of motivation.

Let’s look inside.

The ebook is organized into four weeks of menus, shopping lists, recipes, and the very-detailed, and kind-of magical, Day-By-Day Instructions. I’ve included a few of my most popular recipes in the meal plans, and there are dozens of new recipes, too.

Each week begins with a look at the menu and the Day-By-Day Instructions to keep you on track.

You’ll also get all the recipes you need to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, including appetizing photos…

… mini recipes, and tips to take your lunch on the go.

There are also detailed instructions and forms you can download and print so you can create your own meal plans.

But you’re probably most curious about the food, right? Take a look at this:

These are just a few of the delicious recipes included in the meal plan: Cashew Chicken, Chocolate Chili, Steakhouse Salad, Banana Pancakes with Breakfast Sausage, Breakfast Pizza, and Joe’s Special Frittata.

Buy your copy now.

Buy and download the ebook right here — it’s just $9.95 for 28 days of meals and snacks, detailed shopping lists, step-by-step cooking instructions, every recipe you need, cooking reminders, helpful tips, and more.