2010, Officially Kicked Off

Eleven of us descended on Gillis Park this morning, temps in the low 30s, sun shining brilliantly. Thank you, Tabata Warriors, for coming out to play with us!

I threw some of my arch nemeses into the hopper for the 2010: A Tabata Odyssey workout (see: thrusters, jump squats, sprawls, etc.), but fate smiled on me. My first draw was thrusters, but the other three were pretty good.

I ended up with thrusters, running sprints, push press, and box jumps. I was hoping I’d get box jumps!
The thrusters – with 20-lb. dumbbells – were as yucky as I anticipated, and the running was shockingly hard. Jello legs, burning lungs. Push press… ah! Push press. You kill my core with love! And then yay! Box jumps… or, more accurately, rock jumps ’cause we jump on big ol’ boulders in the park.
We finished up our workout with an easy jog halfway around the park to the playground, where we worked our mad skillz on monkey bar and deadhang chinups. Then we finished the lap with an Indian run and hit Torchy’s for breakfast tacos.
I wavered for a moment, then decided to eat the inside of my tacos with a fork – no tortillas! – and drank my coffee black… so that later, I can eat just one more celebratory piece of the apple cake I made yesterday.
Happy 2010! May your year be filled with PRs, dino-chow, well-deserved treats, and the sleep of the righteous.
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