We Be Pirates: A Story In Photos

Once Upon A Time…

… we dressed up as pirates and went on a marauding spree across the great states of New England.

Our crew was lead by Captain Dave, with my dad by his side as Smee, and our friend Arrr-Kelly along as our seer to predict the future.

Halloween pirates | meljoulwan.com
We set off on our quest for buried treasure.

Halloween pirates | meljoulwan.com
The Captain and Smee were prepared to defend us against all threats…

Halloween pirates | meljoulwan.com


… Arrrr-Kelly had a few tricks up her sleeve…

Halloween pirates | meljoulwan.com


I brought my dagger to the festivities.

Halloween pirates | meljoulwan.com
At one point, Smee and I had a father-daughter disagreement, as ne’er-do-well buccaneers are wont to do…

Halloween pirates | meljoulwan.com
But eventually, we found our treasure, and the whole situation devolved into celebratory selfies. We’re pirates, but it is 2015, after all.

Halloween pirates | meljoulwan.com
The Captain was triumphant.Halloween pirates | meljoulwan.com
Smee was suspicious.

Halloween pirates | meljoulwan.com
I was overjoyed.

Ultimately, blood is thicker than water, so we all put down our weapons (sort of) and charted a course for our next adventure.



The end.

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  • Paula Warner says:

    thank you, for introducing me to incredibly delicious inventive recipes!!
    i am hoping this is not too obnoxious of a question…is your father single…he is a adorable pirate((smile))

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying the recipes! And I agree with you: my dad is 100% adorable. He’s just one of the most fantastic people on the planet — and he and my mom are still married… 48 years.