Moroccan Salad Platter
February 06, 2020

In my Paleo Magazine column, I teamed up with Steph Gaudreau to bring you the story of a traditional recipe and adapted it to fit...

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Rants & Raves: 17 January 2020
January 17, 2020

Buckle up! It's my favorite links of the week...

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Well Fed Magazine Reissue
January 14, 2020

Today is the official launch day for a re-issue of our Well Fed magazine! Back in 2015, we published the first version, and it was...

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Rants & Raves: 10 January 2020
January 11, 2020

It's been ages since I posted my favorite links each week, but this year, I'm bringing it back! Buckle up for some of the best...

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My Favorite Books of the Last 10 Years
January 02, 2020

I've heard from so many of you recently that you enjoy my book recommendations. I'm very glad! You can find hundreds of my book reviews...

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New Ebook: Well Fed 28-Day Paleo Plan
December 30, 2019

When we released the magazine version of our Well Fed 28-Day Paleo Plan last year, it sold out in my online store in a few...

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Oven-Fried Potato Latkes (Paleo)
December 26, 2019

In each issue of Paleo Magazine, I team up with Steph Gaudreau to bring you the story of a traditional recipe and adapt it to fit into a...

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25 Amazing Paleo & Whole30 Recipes for Thanksgiving
November 19, 2019

Thanksgiving has always been and remains my favorite holiday. We don't always go the traditional route. For example, there was the year we ate Elvis...

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Asian Lettuce Cups with Almond Green Beans (Paleo, Whole30)
November 04, 2019

These lettuce cups are a knock-off of the super-popular P.F. Chang’s appetizer, and I think the reasons to love them are obvious. But just in...

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Our New Project: Strong Sense of Place
October 28, 2019

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Vietnamese Lamb with Scallion Rice (Paleo, Whole30)
October 21, 2019

I sing the General Public song “Hot You’re Cool” when I make this dish. It's the yin/yang of Vietnamese cooking! Vietnamese meals balance the five...

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Happy Paleo Fry-Day
October 15, 2019

Sure, Friday is great, but have you ever tried... FRY-day?! With these paleo- and Whole30-friendly recipes for french fries and dipping sauces, you can capture...

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