Prague Pride 2018: A Story in Photos
August 15, 2018

Once Upon a Time... On August 11, to be exact, my husband David, my niece Pepper, and I decided to to join in the Prague...

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Bohemian Switzerland: A Story in Photos
July 31, 2018

Once Upon a Time... Last Saturday, to be exact, we went on an excursion with Discovering Prague to Bohemian Switzerland National Park (in Czech, it's České...

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Our First Year In Prague: Part One
April 18, 2018

We arrived in Prague on April 14, 2017 and tomorrow is our 1-year anniversary of moving into our apartment here in our neighborhood of Nové...

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Middle Eastern Feast: A Story In Photos
March 28, 2018

You guys! I've had this post about my dad's visit to Vermont—and the subsequent Middle Eastern feast—in my drafts since November 3, 2015. That was...

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Anarchist Cookie Shop: A Story in Photos
December 20, 2017

Once upon a time... ... Dave and I went exploring at the Kotva department store. Its outside is rather famous because it's a remarkable example...

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Our Visit to Warsaw: Story in Photos
October 07, 2017

Words I never would have imagined myself saying before this year: I'm on my way to Warsaw to apply for my visa. To apply for...

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Prague Library: A Story in Photos
August 11, 2017

Once upon a time... Dave and I moved to Prague and yesterday, our word nerd dreams came true: We completed our applications, handed over 60...

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Berlin, Summer 2017: A Story in Photos
July 19, 2017

Once upon a time (last week)... Dave and I went to Berlin to visit one of our very favorite people on the planet (and superstar...

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Summer Solstice in Prague: A Story In Photos
June 22, 2017

Once upon a time... Dave and I moved to Prague and decided to celebrate the summer solstice by joining a slew of other revelers on...

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Dancing With Witches: A Story In Photos
May 20, 2017

I'm not really a Halloween person, but that's only because I like to wear costumes on regular days. I require only the slightest excuse to dress...

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Madame Sherri Forest: A Story In Photos
November 16, 2015

What do blackmail, the Zeigfeld Follies, and a forest in New Hampshire have in common? Madame Antoinette Sherri, a somewhat eccentric, completely fabulous costumer and hostess-extraordinaire from the...

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We Be Pirates: A Story In Photos
November 03, 2015

Once Upon A Time... ... we dressed up as pirates and went on a marauding spree across the great states of New England. Our crew was...

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