I’m Adventure Girl: A Story In Photos

Dave and I wrapped ourselves in (cheap) satin capes, dubbed ourselves Big Man and Adventure Girl (!), and went for an epic walk in the woods this weekend.

The Chad Hero race series is annual event is an annual fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital of Dartmouth, and most of the participants in the Half Marathon, 5k Run, 1-mile Fun Run, 5k Walk, and 10k Wooded Hike dress up in superhero costumes to make it just a little more fun.

Our 10k hike started on the Dartmouth College green then meandered through town, across a meadow, up a hill covered in confetti-colored leaves, around Storrs Pond, and back down to civilization. By the end of the day, I’d walked about 23,000 steps and $698,716 was raised for the hospital.

Once Upon a Time…

Dave and I put on goggles, capes, and… got on a bus. A school bus, to be exact. (Even superheroes need reliable transportation from a parking lot to the starting line,)


I was superhero #3344, aka, Adventure Girl.


For justice!


And then we were off!


There were helpful signs along the way to keep us on the trail and provide motivation.


After a short climb, we reached Storrs Pond.


And eventually, we reached mile 5 and were back in civilization. I was a little sad to move from the path in the woods to the paved road. But I hid my inner turmoil behind a mask of determination. (I am Batman Adventure Girl!)


At the finish line, we saw these adorable Super Dogs…


… checked our time…


… and posed for one more photo with our finisher’s medals (which we’ll be donating to Medals4Mettle; such a cool organization.)

Two things of note: (1) We could not get over our goggles. We have about a billion photos of us in those goggles. We are eight years old. (2) My goggles make me look cross-eyed.

We spent the rest of the day cheering for the Patriots (YAY! 51-23 over the Bears!) and working the knots out of our muscles with a lacrosse ball and a yoga strap.


When I went to bed, my Fitbit said this:

The End.

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  • Connie says:

    That is the most super awesome fundraiser I have ever seen! Way to go!

  • EmayPA says:

    So cool! Super heroes all around!

    I’ve been eyeballing the fitbits in Costco, since they come with extra girly-colored bands.

    Not biting yet, since I don’t want to come home and plug in after 8 hours as an office-potato and have it tell me I suck.

  • dane b. says:


    thank you for putting a link up to that charity. i didn’t know that it existed and i checked it out. i have only one half marathon medal (never again!) that just sits in a box somewhere. now that bad boy will be put to good use.

    you’re the greatest.

  • AWESOME goggles!!

    Hard to beat a walk in the woods. I could walk all day.