Witches’ Night 2013

Tonight is Witches’ Night, or pálení čarodějnic (burning of the witches) in Czech; you can read all about it in this article from The Guardian.

We’re just about to take a nap (strolling picturesque squares and eating lunch in a pub can be so tiring!) to get ready for tonight’s festivities: witch parade across the Charles Bridge to Kampa Island, beer and sausage, Roma bands, and a bonfire. (Details here.) Plus, at midnight, it will be my birthday!

I got my hat,* so I’m all set.


* Our Witch Hat Quest was a fun adventure. Dave researched costume shops online and found Karneval Ptákoviny on Křižovnická Street. We had to press a button on the front of the building to be buzzed in, then followed the signs down twisting stairs to the basement shop. It was packed, floor to ceiling, with rainbow-colored wigs, board games, edible candy bra tops, bunny ears, silly sunglasses, rubber severed limbs, jelly eyeballs, fake mustaches, monocles, feather boas, glitter, face paint, and several styles of witches’ hats. It’s clearly where all the stylish Czech witches do their shopping.

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