My New Tattoo: Story In Photos
May 14, 2013

May 1 was my birthday, and I celebrated the way any mature, responsible, 45-year-old woman might: I decided to get a new tattoo while on...

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Prague Postcards: Seen On The Street
May 12, 2013

When you look at photos on my blog, and they're good, they were taken by Dave. When you look at photos on my blog and...

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I’ll Take The Stairs: Story in Photos
May 08, 2013

Our (temporary) apartment in Prague is just off Old Town Square, in a narrow alley with large wooden doors on either end. After midnight, the...

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Fave Things: Týnská Literární Kavárna
May 02, 2013

I shouldn't like this place. It's somewhat dark. It smells like cigarette smoke. The menu is limited to a few cold meat options (sausages, sardines,...

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Witches’ Night 2013
April 30, 2013

Tonight is Witches' Night, or pálení čarodějnic (burning of the witches) in Czech; you can read all about it in this article from The Guardian....

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Grocery Shopping in Prague: A Story in Photos
April 29, 2013

Note to self: If you want to make deconstructed hamburger salad (p. 38 in Well Fed) with ground beef, it's best to learn the Czech words...

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Remember Who You Are
April 28, 2013

We're safe and sound in Prague after several airport adventures, involuntary fasting, and jetlag exhaustion; details coming soon. For now, I want to share this...

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Where in the World is Mel?
April 25, 2013

We're off! Dave and I have packed our bags and are heading over the Atlantic tomorrow for six weeks of adventure. I'll be blogging, Tweeting,...

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