Win an Organic, Pastured Turkey!

UPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations and Happy Thanksgiving to Nicole K! But keep reading, ’cause you definitely want to know more about Tendergrass Farms!

You might not know this about me: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. You might assume it’s because I love to eat. And you’re right! It’s true! I do love to eat! But I am a pro-level eater; I can make any day all about food.

Thanksgiving is my favorite because of more than the food.

What more could there be than food, you ask?

Thanksgiving is special to me because for whatever magical reason, it always feels relaxing, loving, warm, and lazy in a peaceful way. Like… the mayhem of everyday life is just on hold for 24 hours so we can be. And now that I’m actively practicing gratitude on a daily basis, an entire holiday devoted to thankfulness and food?! It’s pretty much my dream day.

Dave and are making a 100% paleo feast this year, and I just ordered my pastured turkey from Tendergrass Farms. Thanks to their generosity, I’m hosting a giveaway of a large, pastured turkey for one of you lucky ducks turkeys!

About Tendergrass Farms

You can read the whole Tendergrass Farms story here, but here’s the gist of it: the Tendergrass Farms site is an online marketplace that helps people like you and me buy high-quality, pastured, organic meat from a collection of small family farms in Virginia. “Our local grass fed partner farmers raise their animals in a 100% pasture-based environment… By implementing rigorous grass fed standards we are able to offer naturally raised meats of distinction that are truly unparalleled in terms of animal husbandry and welfare, culinary refinement and flavor, as well as purity and wholesomeness.”

I love that they’re a source of pastured pork, which can be so hard to find — and I really like this:

“By purchasing products from Tendergrass Farms you are supporting a growing number of small grass fed family farms in rural America that might not otherwise have a market for the meats they so proudly produce.”

If you can buy locally, that’s usually your best bet, but not everyone has access to organic, grass-fed meat, so companies like Tendergrass Farms (and Lava Lake Lamb and U. S. Wellness Meats and Rocky Mountain Organic Meats) are really awesome options.

I encourage you to learn more about Tendergrass Farms on their web site. You can also follow them on Twitter and check them out on Facebook.

In the interests of full disclosure: The company got in touch with me and offered me a sample pack of their meat (which I’ll be reviewing soon), along with the offer to give a lucky winner a Thanksgiving turkey. I purchased my own Thanksgiving turkey.


Buy a Bird

Yes, I’m doing a giveaway — but why leave your Thanksgiving feast to chance?! Tendergrass Farms is running a pretty great special on pastured, “beyond organic” turkeys right now. Just put one “Large – Free Shipping” Beyond Organic Turkey in your cart and apply the coupon code: GOBBLE-UP-A-BIG-ONE. You’ll get $20 off the turkey and free shipping. (Fine Print: Applies only to large shipped turkeys; does not apply to farm pick up turkeys.)

Tendergrass Farms Beyond Organic Turkey is raised out on the pasture on small-time family farms where they are rotationally grazed. These delicious birds are free to forage, eating clover, grasses, and insects day in and day out. Their diet and exercise has a wonderful effect on the taste, texture, and healthfulness of the meat. While you’re sure to notice a delightful contrast between Tendergrass Pastured Turkey and their conventionally raised cousins from the supermarket, we’re happy to be able to promise that they take no special culinary care or cooking techniques.

Get yourself a turkey now!

Win a Pastured Turkey

UPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations and Happy Thanksgiving to Nicole K!

One lucky winner will be the recipient of a 18+ pound beyond organic, pastured turkey from Tendergrass Farms! Gobble it up, friends!

To enter: Like Tendergrass Farms on Facebook or follow them on Twitter — then post to comments ONE TIME to let me know which you did.

Deadline to enter: Noon on Wednesday, November 7, 2012. I’ll randomly select a winner and announce the winner on November 7. NOTE: If you win, I’ll send you ordering information and you must place your order by November 12, 2012.

Restrictions: Drawing open only to U.S. residents. Sorry, international friends, but we can’t send you meat. Gross!

Gobble Gobble!

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