Rants & Raves: 17 January 2020

Buckle up! It’s my favorite links of the week…

Was actress Sarah Bernhardt the original goth?

I was super inspired by some women in sports news! First, this little girl has epic balance (I love that she’s training while wearing a dress; I wore a skirt to every roller derby practice and bout.) — and major league baseball hired Alyssa Nakken, its first full-time female coach.

I will never get tired of reading about how awesome Ken Jennings is.

When you’re in the club and also very hungry.

This is an impressive take on making a fried egg sandwich.

I actually find this reassuring; let’s all slow down and focus. ‘The research is almost unanimous, which is very rare in social science, and it says that people who chronically multitask show an enormous range of deficits. They’re basically terrible at all sorts of cognitive tasks, including multitasking.’

Always here to supply Duran Duran content: Duran Duran predicted the power of fans.

Have you ever eaten something so good that the world fades away around you?’

Cannot endorse the rest of this outfit, but the jacket?! I’ll take one right now, please.

In this clip from A Room with a View, Mr. Emerson — played by the charming actor Denholm Elliott — shares the secret of life.

Before you go — recipe recommendations: Flipping through my reissued Well Fed magazine this week reminded me of some of my earliest recipes — can we call them classics?! Go-to recipes like Oven-Fried Salmon Cakes, Pad Thai, Coconut-Almond Green Beans, and Cauliflower Rice Pilaf with Moroccan Meatballs. But maybe you’re in the mood for Bora Bora Fireballs. Or Bacon-Jalapeño Burger Balls. Or Thai Chicken Meatballs with Cabbage Salad. How about Chicken Pesto Meatballs? Japanese Gyoza! Cuban! Czech! Or Moroccan Merguez.

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