Well Fed Magazine Reissue

Today is the official launch day for a re-issue of our Well Fed magazine! Back in 2015, we published the first version, and it was a best-seller.

To celebrate its 5-year anniversary, our publishing partner has re-issued the magazine. I’m pretty sure that makes it a ‘classic,’ right?!

The magazine is a ‘greatest hits’ compilation of 130 of my most popular recipes from Well Fed and Well Fed 2 — Chocolate Chili, The Best Chicken Ever, Pad Thai, Oven-Fried Salmon Cakes, Old School Italian Meat Sauce, Sunshine Sauce, Moroccan Dipping Sauce, Homemade Mayo, Italian Sausage Seasoning, and many more — plus paleo how-to information and other essays on how to live a healthy life.

Where To Find It

The publisher has printed 120,000 copies, which seems unreal to me. The magazine is on sale now in so many retail stores, including:

  • • Publix
  • • Lowe’s
  • • Walmart
  • • Ingles
  • • Fresh Thyme
  • • Albertson’s
  • • Michaels
  • • Kroger
  • • HEB
  • • Winco
  • • Bi-Mart
  • • Dollar General
  • • Whole Foods
  • • Sprouts
  • • Sam’s Club
  • • Barnes and Noble

We’re an ocean away from all of those places, so if you spot the magazine in a local store, please take a photo and tag me on Instagram @meljoulwan. I’d love to see the magazine in its natural habitat.

What’s Inside

Here are a few photos of what’s inside. There are lots of helpful details about how to get started with paleo and dozens of easy, delicious recipes, including instructions for a Weekly Cookup and a 1-week meal plan.

My award-winning recipes for Chocolate Chili is a personal favorite and one of my most popular recipes of all time. My husband David wants to eat it every day.


If you already own Well Fed or Well Fed 2, you don’t need to buy this magazine because you already have the recipes and info — but it’s a great, inexpensive way to introduce friends and family to paleo concepts and recipes. This magazine is an easy, low-key way to reach people who aren’t paleo yet but are looking for delicious, simple ideas to improve their health. What better way to reach people than the grocery store checkout lane?! (But if you did add a copy to your collection, you could keep it in your car, so it’s handy for grocery store runs; just sayin’… )

Thank You.

I’m so grateful to all of you for reading this blog, buying our cookbooks, and cooking our recipes. Happy eating to you!

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  • Dear Mel,

    I am on Day 21 of my 3rd (ish) Whole30 and wanted to reach out, because I couldn’t have done it without my battered, beloved copy of Well Fed magazine. I’m so glad that it was re-issued! Thank you THANK YOU from a 53-year-old Minnesota mom of seven (and wife of one) who did not think it possible to survive zero temps without sugar or dairy. 😜

    My postscript, though, is a sad sad reflection of my vanity. I can’t seem to stop obsessing about the number on the scale, which is ten pounds higher than I think it should be. If you could shoot a prayer out for Maggie into the stratosphere, I’d be grateful, ‘cause we are all so much more than a number.

    Love your recipes! Love your writing! Love Dave’s photography!

    Margaret ❄️

    • Happy Day 21, Margaret! I hope you’re feeling great. Thank you so much for this lovely note — I’m very glad that our recipes have been helpful. You should feel like you can conquer ANYTHING when you can weather zero temps without sugar and dairy 😉

      I *totally* feel you on the scale thing, but your answer is right there in your comment: You are so much more than a number. From this note, I can tell that you’re kind, you’re motivated, you’re confident, you’re thoughtful, and you have a sense of humor. No number could ever tell me that. You’re beautiful in all the ways that matter, and I can see from your little icon photo that you also happen to be very pretty face, so… from where I sit, you’re crushing life right now. Hugs from Prague.

  • Jennifer says:

    I’m pretty sure here in MN that Target is where I found it. I was super excited!