Well Fed Magazine In My Web Store

I’ve heard from a bunch of you asking if and when the Well Fed 30-Minute Paleo Recipes magazine would be available in my web store.

Great news! You can buy it in my store now! YAY!

See? Here’s the graphic that makes it all official:

If you want to buy a copy of the magazine, you should know two things: (1) It’s a compilation of recipes from the cookbooks in the Well Fed trilogy, so set expectations accordingly. It’s a beautiful, glossy, 150-page magazine, but there is no new content. (2) You can click on over to my web store to buy it now.

If you’re like, “What is this madness? A Well Fed magazine? I never heard of such a thing.” Read on.

What is this madness magazine?

The magazine is a “greatest hits” compilation of 30-minute meals from all three Well Fed cookbooks, including easy, crazy-good recipes like Ginger-Lime Shrimp, Velvet Stir-Fry, Pizza Noodles, Korean Beef with Kimchi Relish, Moroccan Cabbage Sauté, Crispy Chicken Livers with Cauliflower Rice, Sunrise Scramble, Pan-Fried Sardines, and dozens more — plus there’s paleo how-to information and other informative essays, all pulled from the Well Fed trilogy.

It’s being sold in the checkout lane of every Whole Foods in the U.S., plus in other food-lovers’ grocers like Sprouts, Mrs. Green’s, Balducci’s, Fresh Market, Natural Grocers, Earth Fare, and indie co-ops, as well as Barnes & Noble, Sam’s, and Costco.

If you already own the Well Fed cookbooks, you probably don’t need to buy this magazine because you already have the all of the recipes and info. But… I did hear from one of my followers who already owns all three Well Fed cookbooks— she bought a copy because it’s so convenient to have all the really fast recipes in one place!

The magazine is also a fun, inexpensive way to introduce friends and family to paleo concepts and recipes without the gravity of handing them a big book. Dave and I agreed to produce this magazine because it seems like such a good way to connect with people who aren’t paleo yet, but are looking for a delicious, easy way to improve their health. What better way to reach people than the grocery store checkout lane?!

Loving Reminder

Now seems like a great time to remind that if you haven’t gotten your hands on Well Fed, Well Fed 2, or Well Fed Weeknights yet, the prices in our web store are a little lower than Amazon and other retailers. You can get all three of the Well Fed cookbooks for just $49.95—that’s $10 less than Amazon’s current pricing. And when you buy from our store, we get to keep more of the proceeds, which means you’re directly supporting our recipe-development work. Thank you!


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