Five Paleo Dinners to Cook Next Week #96

Let’s see… there’s a leak under our kitchen sink so for about three days I’ve been washing produce in the shower and dishes in the bathroom sink. Someone yelled at me on Instagram yesterday, and I felt sad. I couldn’t sleep last night because the rain was very loud, but it was too hot to close the windows. And this morning, when I went out for a run, I almost got crushed by a car, there was loud construction on my my favorite route to the park, and a bird pooped on my arm while I was complaining about the construction.

I’m definitely having a day.

But a tasty, healthy dinner can be a sweet ending to even the most rotten, annoying, grumpy-making day. These recipes are all designed to make sure that whatever happens to you prior to, say, 6:00 or 7:00 p.m., your day will end deliciously.

Dinner Ideas (Whole30 compliant)

BBQ Pork & Hawaiian Coleslaw

Cookup Tips: The pork is a little bit of a project, but it’s a lazy day project, and it makes enough pork to eat leftovers for a few delicious days. Make it on a Saturday or Sunday and enjoy it throughout the week. The coleslaw tastes awesome for several days, too!

Recommended Sides: You can really go for it and make a batch of my Classic Potato Salad.

Moroccan-Meatballs-thumb-e1336665872986Moroccan Meatballs

Cookup Tips: These taste just as good (or maybe better!) on days 2 and 3, and they freeze well, too. Make a batch (or a double batch) on the weekend and enjoy them all week long. They’re nice for breakfast with eggs on top—and reheat well in the microwave if you want to take them to work for lunch.

Recommended Sides: Mashed Cauliflower is pretty nice underneath, as is Cauliflower Rice. Simple Lemon Spinach is a lovely go-along.

The-Best-Chicken-You-Will-Ever-Eat | meljoulwan.comBest Chicken Ever

Cookup Tips: This is a meal saver! Make a big batch during your Cookup, then enjoy it all week long on salads, on a “diner plate” with two veggies, chopped up and sautéed with veggies. Make a double batch of Moroccan Dipping Sauce so you have that around, too.

Recommended Sides: Definitely Cauliflower Rice! And maybe a salad of cucumbers, red bell peppers, and red onion tossed with the Moroccan Dipping Sauce. Slice the raw veggies during your Cookup to save precious minutes at meal time.

Tropical Tacos with Jicama Slaw

Cookup Tips: Shred the veggies for the slaw in advance and store them in an airtight container in the fridge. When it’s time to eat, add the lime and cilantro to the slaw and cook the pork.

Recommended Sides: None required! But if you want a little something-something, Oven-Roasted Cauliflower Rice would be great!

Vietnamese Chicken Salad | meljoulwan.comVietnamese Chicken Salad

Cookup Tips: You can prep all of the components in advance: poach the chicken, make the mayo, chop the veggies, mix the dressing. Then when it’s time to eat, toss it all together and enjoy!

Recommended Sides: It doesn’t need a thing… YAY!

Condiment (Whole30 compliant)

Moroccan Dipping Sauce

Cookup Tips: Even if you don’t make the Best Chicken Ever, please do yourself a favor and whisk together a jar of Moroccan Dipping Sauce. You can drizzle it on cucumber and tomatoes to eat with your Moroccan Meatballs, or use it to wake up a regular-ol’ bowl of lettuce.



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  • Kathie Gray says:

    Oh no you poor thing! Sometimes I find the come down after a great adventure can make the “real” world seem harsh I find but that really is a long list woes. I hope the sink is fixed and the world is treating you better now.