Naplavka WOD

Even though I don’t do Crossfit anymore, I still think of my workout as a WOD.

Giving something a name or title assigns it with heft and meaning. When I call whatever movement I’m doing on a particular day a ‘WOD,’  it’s my acknowledgement that I’m consciously doing something good for my body that day.

Plus, it’s just fun to say WOD.

Today, my WOD took place on the naplavka on the Vltava River, very close to our flat. (I have to call our apartment a flat now, because we live in Europe. See? There’s that specificity of naming thing again!) The naplavka is a cobblestone expanse that runs along the river, sort of like an American boardwalk except there’s no sand or souvenir t-shirts.

This is how it looks most afternoons:

Dave and I usually wander down for a sit and snacks a few times a week to watch the sunset. As you can imagine, it’s pretty horrible.

And this is what the naplavka is like in the morning:

There are plenty of cyclists commuting into the city center and a handful of runners, some early-morning tourists enjoying the view of the castle, and today, I watched a man suit up in swim goggles and dive right into the Vltava for a chilly swim.

And I enjoyed my Naplavka WOD.

Naplavka WOD

15:00 minutes, AMRAP:
2X up & down the stairs
10 pushups (bench)
10/leg bench step-ups
10 triceps dips (bench)
15 squats
20 mountain climbers

These are the steps:

And this is the bench:

In the afternoon/evening, there are usually some uber-fit people playing beach volleyball on that boat, and the area to the left of the sandpit becomes a cocktail lounge/dancefloor. On the weekends, it’s a little like a wedding party!

I finished three rounds of my WOD—at a “moving-but-not-about-to-die” pace—in 15 minutes. My goal is to eventually migrate my pushups from the bench to the ground and to upgrade the step-ups to box jumps—but that’s a few months in my future. Today was my first legit WOD in about seven months (yikes!), so I’m taking my time and treating myself like a workout newbie.

This is me, feeling very pleased with myself after the WOD:


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  • Gail says:

    I look forward to your email and blog every week. I feel like you are my super sophisticated friend keeping in touch with me. Love your recipes and purchased ‘Well Fed Weeknights’. Totally awed and inspired by your move to Prague. I’ve always played it pretty safe, so your move seems bold and daring. Until next week…

    • This is such a sweet comment… thank you so much for taking the time to say hello. And thank you *very much* for buying our new cookbook; we really appreciate the support!

      We’re picking up our newly-approved visas this week, then we have to register with the foreign police (!). Sounds so dramatic; I kind of love it.

  • Jennifer says:

    I’m SO DELIGHTED to see your pics, read your stories! Having been to Prague recently and heavy travelers, I am as excited for your adventure as much as I’ve been excited about your recipes for 4 years now. THANK YOU for the pics and posts…. Happy Trails! – Jen

    • Thanks so much for sharing in our excitement—it’s been really fantastic so far! I’m really happy you’ve been enjoying the recipes 🙂 and should be sharing some new ones soon!