The “Burn In Hell, Stalin” WOD

Yesterday, Dave and I hit Letna Park for the first workout of our holiday.

I’m pretty crazy about the park because to get to it from the river requires walking (or running) up lots of stairs. I have a predilection for jogging up stairways to see where they lead. This can take us off course (like the first time we ran up to the Castle) and/or introduce us to cool stuff, like the Metronome at the top of Letna Park.

In 1955, a humongous statue of Joseph Stalin was placed at the edge of the park, overlooking the city. Then when everyone realized he was a really bad guy, the monument was destroyed. (See an old photo of the monument here.)

Now, a 75-foot tall metronome, erected in 1991, sits atop the old foundation. Perhaps as a reminder that time is ticking for all of us?

Anyway… I made up our workout, and it was pretty much just running the stairs to produce quads of fire. This was our view for our warmup:

The “Burn In Hell, Stalin” WOD

4 rounds – every 5 minutes, complete the following:
— Sprint up 190 stairs from the river to the Metronome
— Jog to the base of the monument, tag the wall, and shout, Burn in Hell, Stalin!
—Jog down 190 stairs to the river level

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  • Tom R. says:

    Running on stone stairs in the rain (especially going down) seems a bit precarious.

    Enjoying the updates and hope the fun continues the entire time you are there.

  • ElizabethJ says:

    You are hysterical. Enjoy the rest of your trip and thank you for the entertaining updates.
    btw you are absolutely beautiful. love the picture of you w/ the H&M hat on.