Hilah’s Happy Hour

My pal Hilah has been sharing recipes and hilarious original songs on her YouTube channel Hilah Cooking for seven years (!)—and now she’s expanded her media empire to a new podcast: Hilah’s Happy Hour.

When Hilah and I get together, it’s always a good time: lots of laughing, biting humor (Hilah), soul-bearing statements (me), and a healthy dose of f-bombs. (Swearing is the only vice I have left, you guys. Let me f*cking enjoy it.) There was that time we made Vampire-Fighting Pork Stew and wore silly Christmas sweaters.

Recently, I was a guest on episode three of her new podcast and we talked about stuff related to taking risks, like my upcoming move to Prague, making friends in a new place, body image, and more. If you feel like you need a virtual happy hour with some mouthy broads, this is the podcast episode for you!

Listen to my interview on Hilah’s Happy Hour

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