Christmas Balls With Hilah Cooking

You should know by now that whenever I get together with Hilah from Hilah Cooking, hijinks ensue.

Hilah invited me to be part of her Christmas Around the World series. Before we got down to business, we were naughty…

… and nice…

… and then we got cooking frying!

If you want to make the grain-free version I talk about in the video, you need to get Tara Grant’s recipe for magic dough. It’s a multi-purpose dough made from mashed yucca and tapioca flour, and it is shockingly delicious. I’ve used it o make mini flat breads, Indian chapati, faux tortillas, and rolls for Thanksgiving leftovers sandwiches. It’s definitely a special occasion recipe, but what’s more ‘special occasion’ than Christmas?! Seriously. Buy Tara’s recipe.

For more on my BALLS! adventures with Hilah Cooking, read Hilah’s write-up — and be sure to check out mom’s Linguine with Clam Sauce (which would taste awesome on zucchini noodles) and Pan-Fried Sardines from Well Fed 2.


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