Jane Eyre on BBC Radio

My favorite first line of a novel…

There was no possibility of taking a walk that day.

And so begins Jane Eyre, the book that has been a challenge, a comfort, an entertainment, and a companion to me for decades. I read it every year, just to see what’s changed—and sometimes I pick it up when I’m not sure what else to do with myself.

Jane Eyre on BBC Radio 4 | meljoulwan.com

To celebrate the bicentenary of Charlotte Bronte’s birth, BBC Radio 4 has been broadcasting a 10-part radio dramatization of the novel. The voice acting is wonderful, and the music and sound effects are thoroughly engrossing. The production really punches up the gothic elements; it’s perfect for a moody walk on a blustery day! Each installment is just 15 minutes long, so it’s a sweet, brief break from real life.

Listen to Jane Eyre on BBC Radio 4

The program is only online March 25, so if you want to listen, don’t hesitate!



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  • Annie says:

    Thanks for the Jane Eyre post. It was terrific!

    • I’m glad you listened to it! I really loved it, but… I was a little disappointed in the treatment of the ending. It didn’t have the triumph that other versions have portrayed, and I really didn’t like that they changed the “Reader, I married him” line. But other than that, I really enjoyed it.