The Pats: A Story In Photos


Over the past few NFL seasons, I’ve slowly become a dedicated New England Patriots fan – and that was even before we decided to move to Vermont. This is a huge suprise to everyone, including me. After much consideration, I’ve created a short list of teams I like for a variety of reasons. But let it be known that the Pats are my numero uno. To make my faves list, I can’t perceive that the team is populated with bad guys (I used to be a fan of both Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, so this week was really rough.), and it helps a lot if I think the coach is a stand-up guy. So…

Patriots because… Tom Brady. Elite quarterback and 37 (!) and kind of a dork. (See dancing video and the high-five fail.) Also: Bill Belichik. He’s so old school, his legendarily unfashionable game-day fashion is a punk rock protest, and his press conferences are a master class on not talking about things you just don’t want to talk about. (See?) Julian Edelman, who runs like the wind and Steven Gostkowski who is a reliable kicker with mad skills – in the pre-season, he nailed a 60-yarder! And finally: GRONK! Six feet-six inches of can’t be stopped. (Plus Ninkovich and Amendola and Hightower and Wilfork and…)

Broncos because… Peyton Manning. This article totally won me over to Team Peyton. (If you’re interested in stories of people overcoming adversity, you will enjoy that article. You don’t even have to like football.)

Green Bay Packers because… Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback and seems to be a nice person, too. Plus this season, he’s dating Olivia Munn, and I love that because I work from home and have to pretend celebrities are my real friends and they seem cute together. What?

Other teams I follow: San Francisco 49ers because I hate-love-hate Colin Kaepernick (Is he cocky or cool?). I was a huge fan of the Harbaugh brothers – Jim coaches the 49ers; John coaches the Ravens – but both of those coaches really failed in the aftermath of the Ray Rice thing, so I’m not so sure anymore, which makes me kind of sad. Minnesota Vikings because I like vikings and anyone from somewhere that cold is OK in my book.

This was a long way to get to this: Dave took me to a Patriots pre-season game versus the Philadelphia Eagles, and it was one of the most fun times ever. Here are some of the snaps from our adventure:

This was the view when we first walked into the stadium seating area, and I was super giddy.


This is the view from our seats. That sky!


This is us, being excited!


I was literally jumping out of my seat, looking for my favorite Patriots peeps, then Coach Belichick came onto the field, and I lost all semblance of trying to be cool.


We weren’t sure if Tom Brady would play, since it was a pre-season game, but he started! It was completely awesome, even though he threw a pick-six (an interception that leads to a touchdown) and then awkwardly and ineffectively tried to tackle the Eagle who intercepted the ball (sad video here). Still. Even with that. IT WAS AWESOME. Then Jimmy Garoppolo, the back-up QB, played a bunch of snaps. (I like to call him Jimmy Hollywood because of this.) There are no photos of game play because I WAS WATCHING THE GAME.

But here’s a shot of the bench with ohmygosh everyone sitting rightthere. VINCE WILFORK! ROB NINKOVICH!


And another one because this was my view all night.


This is a not-so-great-but-you-get-the-idea panoramic shot of our view:


After the game, while buying Patriots hats (vintage-y baseball hat and cold-weather beanie with a pompom) in the ginormous pro shop, I was alerted on Twitter and Instagram that people had seen Dave and I on TV. WHAT?! When we got home, we watched the recorded game, and there we were. On TV, at the 2-minute warning, just before half time. Glad the camera didn’t capture the moment when I shoved a massive handful of popcorn into my mouth.


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  • kari says:

    SO FREAKING COOL!!! Out here in Southern California I am a Chargers fan.

  • AKM says:

    Notre Dame fan here! I love Irish football and Kentucky basketball, but I don’t follow the NFL or NBA. Go fig.

  • Holly says:

    I love this SO MUCH! Looks like such a great time!

  • Bob Theroux says:

    I’m originally from MA so a Pats fan always. Lived 25 years in FLA so have to like the Bucs, and last 8 years in TX so follow the Cowboys somewhat. I’ve been to Foxboro but don’t think I was ever on TV. So I wonder, did you pass out free copies of ‘Well Fed’ to all the cameramen in order to get that shot? 🙂
    Nice blocked punt and td yesterday, huh?

    • Heh! I gave Bora Bora Fireballs to the TV crew 😉

      Yesterday’s game was gorgeous. MAN! I love a good interception and the blocked punt was fantastic. But Tom Brady was SO SAD at his press conference. No celebrating for Mr. Perfection, which is really too bad.

  • Trish says:

    Since like me you’re also a Peyton fan I’m willing to overlook the whole Patriots thing. Except when they play my Jets or Eagles, then it’s on like Donkey Kong. 😀 My husband and I like to play “sports tourists”–we’ve been to six NFL stadiums and over half of the major league baseball stadiums. In a few weeks we’re heading up to Pittsburgh to see Texans/Steelers in a Monday night game–can’t wait!

  • Jennifer S. says:

    You look absolutely beautiful on the big screen – your skin is to die for!! Awesome shot! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  • Susanna says:

    I love your blog and your recipes. Unfortunately it’s not a case of oh there are bad people everywhere, in every industry, including sports. Football players are trained to be violent. There will be more of these stories. We are only hearing the very worst cases where the police get involved because what was happening behind closed doors became visible.

  • Laura says:

    Love it! Great pics and how fun to be up close to one of your favourite teams. Although, I do think team colours should be part of consideration when it comes to favourites! 😉 I like the Pats colours – the navy is sharp.

    You guys look really cute on the tv screen cap!

    Hockey is a bigger thing here, for the most part, with a few football fans sprinkled in.

  • Andie says:

    I have worked as a professional nanny & household manager for several professional football players (5 in the last 11 years) as well as country musicians and Hollywood actors. I promise you my football players are my favorite they are some of the most hands on Dad’s, supportive husbands and considerate guys I know. Yes, there are some who are fools and who make some very stupid choices but the majority of the ones I have met through the years as well as the ones I’ve worked with prove that those guys are the exception not the rule. I spend countless hours in the middle of these families and homes, I have back stage access to their private inner lives and there is no way it is anything but how they genuinely live. If it was a job or two maybe, but after years and new babies and all that time together, I’ve seen the real deal with the ones I’ve worked for and their friends. Yes, it’s a rough sport but I have a hard drive fullof the most tender father and child moments from my time working with them. Please don’t let the few guys making horrific choices taint your impression of most of the players. Trust me, they’re as repulsed and upset as you are by this– or at least the ones I know are.

  • EmayPA says:

    Still heart you totally Mel, even if you like the Cheaties! 😉

    I’m originally from NY, so those Giants/Pats Superbowls (esp. XLII) were epic. 🙂

    Still waiting on my Quarterly box due to arrive on Monday. I’m antsy with anticipation!

  • Tammy S. says:

    I have been sort of half-following you for a while, and I really like you… I know it’s kind of lame, but this New England girl living in Arizona feels more attached to you now!