Monday, Man


This morning, after my meditation with the barbells — and a metcon cashout that included rowing which totally kicked my butt — I had all kinds of big ideas about the truly excellent blog posts I was going to write for you. First up, a recap of my workout that would inspire you to hit PRs and feel like your metcons are effortless. (Really!) Then, a recap post of the things I’ve learned about having hypothryoidism (and the special challenges of having one’s thyroid unceremoniously slashed from one’s throat [OK. That was  little melodramatic, but it feels like that sometimes.])

But today is Monday, so instead, I spent the better part of the day tumbling down the rabbit hole of health insurance research and an investigation into paid bills that are showing up as unpaid even though I PAID THEM.


I promise the aforementioned posts are coming, but researching new health insurance beat me up far more than the barbells and the rower. I’m done in. And I’m ashamed to admit I was taken down by phrases like “pays 75–100 percent of allowable amount and you pay 0–25 percent of allowable amount for covered expenses after you meet your deductible” and “deductible versus coinsurance.”

Plus, while I was doing said research, I downloaded a PDF of pricing that only halfway downloaded, and now there are two icons on my desktop that represent the stupid, f*cking, useless PDF, and for some inexplicable reason, my computer won’t let me delete either one. (I could also mention that I was without my phone all day because I forgot it in the front seat when we took the car to the shop for an oil change and to investigate why in the devil the “check engine” light keeps dinging when there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THE ENGINE. And, while I’m at it, my new 10-lb. bumper plates — that I bought with my very own cash to take to the craptastic gym — BENT THE FIRST TIME I USED THEM!)


So… yeah. Enough of that.

Take a look at this. It’s cheeky! Also, potentially handy if you’re new to paleo or trying to explain the concepts to friends or family. (I’m not sure where this image originated, but thank you, Anonymous Internet Graphic Maker!)


And because Monday might have knocked you down and stolen your lunch money, too, I’d like you to enjoy three minutes of an elephant playing in the ocean. It’s pure joy.

Now I’m off to do some kundalini meditation… then tomorrow, I’m seeing Dr. Sebring for another round of Let’s See How The Thyroid Experiment Is Panning Out.

I know you’re jealous.


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  • Health insurance research is sucky, and I used to be the gal who explained how it works to people as my job. Are you looking for a new plan or just trying to figure out why your current plan doesn’t seem to be doimg what you think it should.

    • Mel says:

      We need a new plan because (1) my current plan doesn’t cover any of my thyroid stuff (because they suck and it’s a pre-existing condition) and (2) in April, they’re raising our premium — for the insurance that barely covers anything anyway — almost $100 per month.

      We’re switching from what was supposed to be pretty comprehensive to high deductible/low premium instead. And, in frustration at the end of the day, we actually found an insurance agent here in Austin to help us. I thought I could figure it out myself, but I’m handing the problem and questions to her now. YAY!

    • Mel says:

      Oh! I love Hyperbole and a Half. Thank you SO MUCH for that link. I was totally snickering at the end.

      “The cheese triangles don’t go like that!”

      You’re awesome. Thanks.

  • Boo. I’m currently fighting with my insurance. My doctor got so excited that the paleo diet seems to be helping both my asthma and fibromyalgia that she ordered some tests. Got slapped with the bill when BCBS said they wouldn’t cover it because they were “pre-existing conditions.” Grrrrr.

    Also PS, this might sound silly but did you try restarting your computer to get rid of the undeletable PDFs? For some reason every time I make a new word document, sometimes I get this phantom document on my desk top that can’t be moved or deleted. Got so frustrating until I saw it magically disappear after I restarted my computer. Just thought I’d mention it just in case.

  • Shannon says:

    I hope this makes you smile and doesn’t seem like I’m mocking you! 🙂

  • Bayrider says:

    A check engine light refers to the emissions system, it does not mean that the engine is breaking down. Most times it is a leaky gas cap issue, the system is supposed to be sealed, replace the gasket in the gas cap. You can reset the light by disconnecting the battery for a few hours or overnight. A shop can read the system with a computer to find out what the exact issue is.

    On a brighter note I made your Carnitas the other day, fantastic, the best of 3 recipes I have tried so far! Thanks for the valuable new skill, you taught me to fish and made my life better.

  • Mariah B says:

    Boo. Monday strikes again!

    I did the Bear today. It was pretty awesome. 🙂 Made my Monday great.

    There’s nothing more frustrating than insurance, though. My husband was in a 4-wheeler crash out in New Mexico and so we had to deal with bills upon bills and insurance nightmares. It took me a good month to get everything taken care of, and I still got a few things a year after it happened. Crazy.

    Time for some tea and dark chocolate?? 🙂

  • thatgirljj says:

    I wish I had something helpful to say, but honestly, I didn’t understand anything about how healthcare was paid for until I got a graduate degree in public health and was required to take a “health services” (i.e. the business of healthcare) and I learned enough to understand that the system is FUUUUUUCKED UP.

  • Hayley says:

    Love that flow chart – especially the corn part!

  • Lydia says:

    GURL. My Monday was HORRIBLE, too.

    I’m halfway through my 90-day AIP and things are not going well. At all. My energy levels are in the toilet, my inflammation issues are through the roof (I look pregnant and I’m not exaggerating nor am I pregnant), the urge to break down in tears is near-constant, and and and and. You get the idea.

    I’m going in for MOAR BLOOD TESTS on Thursday. Can’t wait.


    • Mel says:

      Oh, Lydia! I’m so sorry, honey. I wonder what’s up with our bodies because when I did the AIP, my energy kinda tanked during the second half of the month,too. I was MISERABLE. Weird, right?!

      Fingers crossed that your blood tests will help you sort out what’s going on. I’m going to see Dr. Sebring today for my check in — I suspect I’ll be donating a bunch of blood to the vampires to see how my numbers are doing.

      Sending you hugs and “you can get through this” vibes. XO

      • Lydia says:

        Thank you, bb. I’m wondering if I had a case of Bad Judgement when I decided to do the AIP in the winter. Winter is *always* a bad time for me. I don’t want to quit, though, so unless my naturopath looks at my tests and tells me to knock off the AIP, I’m going to soldier on the remaining six weeks.

        I’ll keep you posted.

  • NJ Paleo says:

    Trying to figure out health insurance is not easy! I hope you find something good soon.

    And I really need a workout — life is getting in the way with a very sick kid and a ton of work so I’m hoping beyond hope that I can squeeze in a little time with my barbell in the garage this evening.

  • Cathy M says:

    Well, I had a lovely Monday, in large part because I knew I was making CHOCOLATE CHILI for dinner! So, I’m very sorry you had such a Monday kind of Monday, but thank you for the yummy dinner! 🙂 Hope Tuesday’s better.

  • Chad says:

    Insurance in general is pretty yucky, especially on a Monday! If the insurance agent doesn’t work out, another option is It will save you the headache of going to a million websites plus you can compare insurance options on the spot. Good luck!

    Anyway, great cookbook, I absolutely love it. Hopefully you’ll be coming out with a sequel at some point…

    Keep up the good work.

  • Insurance is the worst – except for maybe taxes. Yuck to both. I’m glad its not Monday anymore.

  • Kel says:

    I have had a week of your Monday and so needed the elephant video.

    Thank you!

  • Lisa V says:

    I have that same flow chart hanging in my office. Good luck on your tests. My check engine light (and cruise control light) are on too. It’s a cylinder misfire, whatever that means.