Dear Barbells: I Miss You

My super crappy, but much beloved craptastic gym has been closed for a month, and I’m here to tell you that in the epic battle between “Out of sight; out of mind.” and “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” the clear winner for me is “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Last Monday, I was feeling optimistic about our chances of throwing around some barbells. According to the South Austin Gym Facebook page, the gym was open for business. To get ready, I got busy with my laptop and made a new training sheet for Dave and I, then I put it in my 100% authentic, imitation pleather CSI: Las Vegas wallet (don’t judge!), along with my membership card and the red pen we use to keep track of our awesomeness. I could not have been more ready.

Unfortunately, when we got to the new location, we were greeted with dark windows and a hand-lettered cardboard sign that said, ominously, “Inspection in back.” Note that the South Austin Gym sign is hung askew; craptastic is forever.

Thanks to the magic of light and technology, I was able to snap a pic of the set up inside the new craptastic, and it looks… comfortably craptastic.

Disappointed, frustrated, and annoyed, we got back in the car, drove to the house, changed into running shoes, and hit the trail for some sprints. I swear I could feel my butt, thighs, chest, and shoulders getting mushier during the drive home. I WANT MY BARBELLS BACK!

Stopped a red light and trying to make the most of a bad situation, I said to Dave, “Well… I’m at least heartened that it still looks like it’s pretty craptastic.” To which he replied, “If anything, it’s even crappier.”

So we have that going for us.

Today, I checked the FB page to make sure they’ll be open tomorrow for a do-over on the 5/3/1 workout we missed last week. Alas, it appears it’s not yet meant to be.

Looks like a body weight/med ball/kettlebell/dumbbell workout in the backyard tomorrow. And now, a barbell haiku:

Iron! I miss you
You make me feel so badass
Craptastic denies

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  • e says:

    does your crossfit gym not have barbells?

    • Mel says:

      I’m, sadly, taking a break from CrossFit while I deal with my adrenal/thyroid issues. I love CrossFit Austin a ton, and they have great programming, but I need to do my own programming for now, as I ease back into working out.

      But to answer your question, yes, CrossFit Austin has barbells.

  • Sara N. says:

    Mel- Would you ever consider posting your weight lifting work outs? I also had to quit doing cross fit for the time being. I have issues with pcos and hypothyroidism. Weight loss is so frusturating with hormone issues!

  • Jenny says:

    Diggin the haiku 🙂 Look at it this way. You know it won’t be closed forever. Just have to wait it out.

  • CathyL says:

    I love the 5/3/1 programming. You can get the book relatively cheap on Amazon, AND, you can even get a 5/3/1 app for your iphone to track your progress. It even has warm-ups and complementary work outs depending on your goals.

  • How frustrating! It sounds kind of silly but I don’t know what I’d do without my gym. It’s a huge part of my life! Hopefully you’ll get those barbells back soon!

  • Troy says:

    Hey, just started to follow your site. Keep up the good work. No dumbbells or weights? No problem. I’ve been loving bodyweight/gymnastic work these last 6 months, have made awesome progress and feel great. Check out:

  • Morten G says:

    Someone just mentioned Austin on my Fitocracy feed and as far as I can tell from the picture Big Tex Gym might be equally craptastic. And Hyde Park Gym got mentioned as well for strong woman lifts.

  • Melissa, have you ever tried Bikram? I think you would enjoy it. It is great for adrenals!

  • Tom R. says:

    My (casted up) right arm misses barbells too. Much to look forward to, and I do agree. Very crappy. Perfect.

  • Walker says:

    Your haiku made me spit up my coffee…in giggles.

    We certainly do miss ya at CFA but glad SAG is (almost) ready to bring back the crap for ya.

    • Mel says:

      Walker, I miss you guys SO much. SO SO SO much. I’m really hoping I can get back to CFA sometime in 2013. I’m still dealing with the adrenal burnout, so I can’t commit to high-intensity training yet, but I miss the rush and you people a ridiculous amount. Love to you!