Review: The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide

There is no doubt about it: Robb Wolf is the man. He’s fit, funny, and damn smart about why we should be eating paleo. Now he’s published an ebook (that’s so much more than an ebook) that addresses some of the how of eating paleo. Specifically, how to eat high-quality food without demolishing your bank account. Check it: The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide.
The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping GuideWhen Dave and I made the commitment to “real food” generally and paleo specifically, it was in the aftermath of a devastating viewing of the film Food, Inc. The label reading and visiting of various grocery and health food stores that followed the matinee that afternoon was epic. And soon, we were spending a lot more time and money on our groceries. As it stands, our biggest expense is mortgage, and food is in second place. Which, honestly, seems appropriate; shelter and sustenance should be our biggest priorities, right? (Awesomely amazing, life-changing shoes be damned.) But it’s also important to us that we not spend all of our disposable income on grass-fed, organic, la-la-la food.

I bet you feel the same way, right? That’s where Robb Wolf comes in.

Five Awesome Things About The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide

1. It’s Robb Wolf.
If you’ve read The Paleo Solution or seen Robb speak, you know he’s got a one-of-a-kind style that makes it hard to whine about paleo. Although, apparently, some people still find a way. The best thing about this guide is that it’s written in Robb’s inimitable, hilarious, impossible to ignore style. Packed with humor and plenty of helpful tips, it answers every argument before you can make it. Robb’s heard every excuse, and he’s ready to drop some wisdom on you. Buckle up, buttercup!

2. It’s more than an ebook.
It’s a multimedia extravaganza! Many of the pages incorporate sidebars that link to supporting content: boards on Pinterest, audio clips, videos… you barely need to be able to read to get a lot out of this thing. And when you do read, it’s super helpful, loaded with charts and forms and content nuggets to help you plan meals and make shopping lists. It invites you (and dares you) to make paleo easy and matter of fact.

3. It’s loaded with practical tips.
The mainstream media can make things really, really confusing, so Robb has demystified common confusions like when it’s necessary to buy organic, when (and why) grass-fed meat matters, and how to assess the right oils for the job. Additionally, he uses his own experience to show you how to buy in bulk, how to minimize wasted food, and how to take advantage of different cooking methods to make food prep more economical in terms of food and time investments.

4. It’s got resources out the wazoo.
Links, links, links… in a handy, easy to reference format. From deep dives into helpful posts on his own site to a massive list of paleo recipe sites – including The Clothes Make The Girl… yay! — Robb has curated a top-notch list of resources for paleo newbies and experts. One of my favorite things about the resources Robb uses is that they’re not all the usual suspects in the paleosphere; they’re wide-ranging and take advantage of great information found in unusual places. There’s even a link to a PDF about how to buy beef for home freezing. Robb’s book is comprehensive (and totally appeals to the research nerd in me).

5. It’s easy to digest.
Yes, it’s packed with stuff, but it’s also organized and written in a way that makes it fun to consume. (I know! I’m sorry! I can’t help myself with the puns today.) The design is super cute and friendly, and the content is modular so it’s fast to read and understand. Plus, there’s a reference to Meat Cookies. How can you resist that?! Meat. Cookies.

Snag your very own copy of The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide now!
The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide

Full disclosure: I received a free copy of the Guide to review, and if you buy the Guide using a link from my site, I get a little bit of an affiliate kickback. However, you should also know I wouldn’t have reviewed the Guide if I didn’t love it. If I thought it was crap, I wouldn’t have mentioned it at all.

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  • Susan Garrett says:

    This is the book we’ve all been waiting for. Some of my adult children are on Paleo but struggling with the cost. Others would like to follow it but aren’t sure if they can afford it or have time to cook. I’ll be buying the book for sure. Thanks for passing the information on.

  • Sarah F says:

    Hey Mel, is the book useful for people living outside the US, or is it more US-based? As in this product and that product. I assume not, because “real food” shouldn’t be based on country, really. Just wondering!

    • Mel says:

      Robb doesn’t recommend specific products — it’s more guidelines for how to navigate a store, the farmer’s market, etc. … plus the types of things to look for. Hope that helps!

  • Linda says:

    I had been thinking about purchasing this eBook, and finally bought it after reading your post. So glad I did! We have been trying to get a handle on the financial aspect of eating Paleo since starting in January. Robb does have a lot of helpful tips. It is such a fun book! I’ve been enjoying navigating all around “Paleoland”!

  • Vanessa Hill says:

    Just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks Mel!

  • Barnamos says:

    Just started cooking with Well Fed and I have to say I freakin love it. Especially the flexibility to make so many things so quickly. Its an awesome approach and much appreciated, you really rocked it there. The one thing I can’t find is a kick-ass protein bar for post workout and commuting. I thought if anyone could make some tasty love in a small package it would be you! Do you know of any? Are there any in this book?

    • Mel says:

      Sorry! I don’t have a recipe or recommendation for protein bars. I don’t eat them myself, so I’ve never investigated. Anyone else have a suggestion for Vanessa?

  • Fernando says:

    found this link on a bodybuilding website…good place to start…still looking though..

  • Tessa says:

    For DIY bars, I would just take some protein with you. Lately, I like bacon wrapped chicken tenders.