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When I returned from our vacation, I found a package of advance copies of Experience Life waiting for me, and you guys, the November issue is awesome! Then the new Experience Life app was released, and Jocelyn posted another of our video interviews. It’s like the universe is welcoming me back to good habits and reminding me that I like training and eating clean.

Stages of Change
One of the things I love about Experience Life is that they share full articles online, so many of the great pieces from the November issue are just a click away. The one that grabbed me as I flipped through my advance copy was this piece on the Stages of Change. Based on the work of psychologist James O. Prochaska, PhD, it outlines the six stages we need to traverse to make real change in our habits and our lives.

Prochaska’s Transtheoretical Model (TTM) acknowledges that lasting change generally proceeds through six key stages: from Precontemplation, to Contemplation, then to Preparation and Action. But that’s only the beginning, and we can easily coast right back into preparation or contemplation if we lose our nerve, focus or steam. For our behavior change to prove sustainable, it must enter a Maintenance phase (generally, six months or more of consistent action) until it finally becomes ingrained as a stable habit. This final, ongoing phase is known as Termination, which implies that the change is now a permanent part of our lifestyle.

The article outlines each stage in detail, along with warnings about potential pitfalls. Read all about the six stages right here!

Experience Life App
So far, the app has 4 1/2 stars, and it’s free! It incorporates the tips from “101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy,” along with 450 specially-selected longer pieces from the magazine and quick links to the web sites for Experience Life and Revolutionary Act. The most fun? There’s a “Suprise Me!” feature so you can shake it up and get a random Revolutionary Act. It’s super cute, and what’s better than carrying a secret weapon of inspiration in your pocket?! Get your hands on the FREE Experience Life app right here.

Video Interview: Stress-Relieving Tip
I find the idea of me offering advice on stress relief pretty hilarious, but when Jocelyn Stone asked me the question, I played along. The tip I offered is more of a way to unplug for a while, but it really does help me re-charge my batteries… while I continue to learn how to keep from completely draining my batteries in the first place. Enjoy! (How awesome is that freeze-frame shot of me?!)

If you missed my first interview with Jocelyn – about my cookbook – you can watch here right here. And be sure to check out the other Experience Life Community Ambassador videos.


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