Chatting With Experience Life

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to talk with Jocelyn Stone from Experience Life magazine. This is the first of many mini interviews Jocelyn and I will be doing as I fulfill my role as an Experience Life Community Ambassador. It was really fun, and I love the way a simple computer camera and Skype can bring people together. Sometimes, technology is really OK. (Although… I kinda have crazy eyes in the video. I’m blaming that on both my enthusiasm and how weird it is to talk to the little eye on the top of my laptop. I’ll get better at it; promise!)

For this installment, Jocelyn invited me to talk about two of my favorite subjects: paleo food and our upcoming cookbook Well Fed. Take a look!

The Experience Life YouTube channel is loaded with awesome videos that range from interviews with smart people to workouts you can do outside and in your home. Check it out!


My Czech Interview

Remember when Dave and I went to Prague in November for the release of the Czech version of Well Fed — a.k.a., Dobře živeni? The book has...

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Well Fed 2 Preview Extravaganza

Well Fed 2: More Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat  is going to be on bookshelves in less than three weeks, people! YAY!...

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  • Ehsa says:

    Great video! Love your enthusiasm and your smile! Coincidentally, my first issue of Experience L!fe (how cool is the exclamation point in l!fe!) arrived today. Looking forward to delving into it, but first I’m off to the YouTube channel …

    • Mel says:

      Thanks, Ehsa! It was fun and awkward — my first time doing a recorded Skype interview. But Jocelyn is so nice, and I’m thrilled to be associated with Experience Life. This month’s issue is really good — happy reading.

  • Melissa M says:

    I don’t think you had crazy eyes! I thought you looked and sounded great. 🙂


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