A Pre-Prague Musical Extravaganza With Frank Turner

Tomorrow, Dave and I fly to Prague, via Paris, for our “Holy shit! We just made a cookbook” holiday celebration. I mean, why not go on vacation smack in the middle of cookbook production?!

Tonight, one of my favorite musicians is playing at Emo’s here in Austin. His name is Frank Turner, and if you haven’t heard his music yet, you need to get on that immediately. For your viewing pleasure, here are a few of my favorite Frank Turner songs. Feel free to sing along; the choruses will be stuck in your noggin immediately.

If you only listen to one of these songs, please make “Photosynthesis.” This is the chorus:
I won’t sit down
I won’t shut up
Most of all, I will not grow up

I like to sing this every morning while preparing for a day with the corporate overlords, just to help me remember who I am.

This video for “Try This At Home” highlights how freakin’ adorable people are when they’re just screwing around, being themselves. So ridiculously fun. Plus, Frank says, “There’s no such thing as rock stars, there’s just people who play music… some of them are just like us and some of them are dicks!” Amen.

This one is a love song to music. Right on!

And this one is poignant and makes me itch to hit the road at the same time that it makes me grateful for my home with Dave and Smudge.

I guarantee tonight will be loud, there will probably be a cocktail or two consumed, and I will stay up late. Take THAT, Responsibility! I’m on vacation.

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