The Brave Ones


Come along with me on a Friday romp — this story is going to weave together punk rock dreams, self-publishing, Roller Derby, Social Distortion, and doing Good Things.


Back in 2005 — holy shit! has it really been that long?! — I was better known as Melicious, a blocker for the Hotrod Honeys roller derby team. I was also shopping around a book proposal to major publishers for what would ultimately become Rollergirl: Totally True Tales From The Track, and I spent so much time listening to Social Distortion, it qualified as a hobby. It was a very exciting time: late nights, rock and roll shows, copious amounts of eyeliner, and, if I’m honest, plenty of chips and queso at 2:00 a.m. (What? Don’t judge! This was before CrossFit and paleo and meditation and all the good things I have in my life now.)

On November 1, Social D played a show at Stubb’s here in Austin, and we were introduced to a band called Bullets and Octane. I could try to describe it, but really, words would fall short. It was just in your face awesomeness, lead by Gene Louis: huge voice, mesmerizing stage presence, dangerously rock and roll with just enough humor to make it all the Best Time Ever.

After that, we saw Bullets and Octane whenever we could — a handful of their songs are still on my workout/running playlist and my pink-and-black tank top from a show is still a favorite.

Fast forward to now. The beautiful now. Gene Louis is back with a new band called The Brave Ones. Take a listen to one of their fantastic new songs while I tell you the rest of this story…

The Brave Ones are recording a full-length album, and they need our help. They’re doing it themselves with crowd-sourced funding — no record label — which I whole-heartedly support. We self-published Well Fed and Well Fed 2, and while it hasn’t always been the easiest path, it’s the one that gave us the most creative freedom and has been most satisfying. I supported The Brave Ones with a donation to their Indiegogo campaign and I encourage you to do the same.

Not only is the band committed to creating badass music that makes your life better, they’re also donating 15% of the money they raise to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Turns out, breast cancer has seriously affected members of the band, and they want to help others in a similar situation. Rock and roll and big hearts?! Yes.

Learn more about their goals and the band on their Indiegogo page — and make a donation!

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