Fogless Friday, Plus Wheezing!

Thanks to the Frankenneck, some mornings I wake up slowly, like swimming from the bottom to the surface of a really deep pool, brain foggy, limbs heavy. On those days, I’ll feel myself reach full consciousness – bing! – sometime after the warmup and in the middle of the Skills section of our workout. It’s an odd sensation and can be very disconcerting. Um… how did I get here?!

On other mornings, like today, I wake up before the alarm, clear-headed and ready to face my workout head-on. Woosh and WOOT and wheeeee!

I knew today was going to be a good workout day when the 400m warmup run felt like play instead of torture.

400m run
10 PVC pass-thrus
10 pushups: down 2, hold 1, up 1
2X (1:00 dead bug + 10 superman)

3 sets:
5 power snatch, worked up to 55#
5 snatch pull-under, worked up to 50#

I really need to work on the snatch pull-under. I was over-thinking it and ended up like a squirrel in the headlights of an oncoming car, frozen in confusion. If I just don’t move, maybe no one will notice I’m freaking out! Apparently I need to work on my speed for ‘dropping under.’ sigh.

Here’s a video, in case you’re (luckily) unfamiliar with this move:

Snatch Pull Under – Demo from OlyAthlete on Vimeo.

4 rounds:
1 clean + 1 jerk + 4 back squats, 65#
1 hill sprint (200m?)
My time: 5:50

Oh! The clean. No longer a nemesis, but not really a favorite either… unless you plop it into a barbell complex. Then I’m wildly enthusiastic. Plus, I la-la-love push jerk.

This workout was SO much fun. Yes, the deep squat at the bottom of the clean was wicked scary… and yes, by the third round of back squats I was getting tired… and yes, I was wheezing – WHEEZING – in the humid morning air on the hill sprints… but it was really fun.

You gotta love a workout that can be done in under 6 minutes but still leaves you feeling 100% demolished. (In that really good way.) I almost had to lie down afterward, and I continued to sweat and breathe heavily through rolling out with the foam roller and half my drive home.


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  • Lydia says:

    Forgive me if you've mentioned it before, but are you on thyroid hormones? If so, what do you take? I had to stop taking my synthetic one (Levoxyl) a couple months ago, but have been having fantastic success with Armour. No brain fog, no afternoon crash. Steady energy throughout the day and restful sleep at night. Just tossing that out there for consideration…

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    I'm on Synthroid — brand only — 125mcg, but we're still monkeying with my dose. My TSH has been slowly declining, but my endo has me use each dose for 3 months, so it's a long slog to find the right one. And we just keep pushing it up. I felt GREAT today, which makes me think this dose is finally doing it's work properly — but won't really know until November when I have my blood work done again. I feel tremendously better than I did three months ago, so the trend is good.

  • Lydia says:

    Excellent! Hurray for good trends. My TSH was bottoming out like crazy (went from 0.88 to 0.07 in eight weeks), even on a Levothyroxine/Liothyronine combo cocktail. Rather than dick around with dosages for two different drugs, I opted to switch to something that works with both T3 and T4 (also, it's made from real dessicated pig thyroid which is sort of awesome). I really hope the new dosage works for you. Good luck with your November results!