They Draw and Cook

Palt by Daniel Janssen

It’s impossible to not be completely charmed by this site: They Draw and Cook. The blog is a collection of illustrated recipes from various artist/cooks – and I love the affection for cooking and drawing that comes through in the artists’ contributions. It’s also really nice to see so many different styles in one place.

I am terrible, TERRIBLE at drawing. My best piece of visual artwork to date is a pencil drawing I did of my watch in 9th grade. It took me half the year. Seriously. It was precise, though. I’ll give it that. I still have the damn thing, mounted on a piece of posterboard, in a box under my bed with stories I wrote in high school and college. (Cue “Glory Days.”)

But They Draw and Cook has seriously got me mentally flipping through my recipes to find one I could possibly figure out a way to illustrate. Dino-chow collage, perhaps. I have to contribute to this site.

I must.

Treat yourself and scroll through They Draw and Cook. Your heart will sing. (Click on the images below to see them in their large-scale glory.)

Lobsta by Jane Wilson

Perfect Raisin Muffins by Marianna Oklejak

Persian Lentil Soup by Nazanin Kani

Basil Pesto by Heath Killen
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