Christmas Eve 2009: A Brief Story in Photos

Christmas Eve Filthy Fifty

Nothing says “holiday” like a ridiculous number of pushups and burpees and swings and more with friends. It was windy and cold and dang if that workout wasn’t harder than I remembered. I blame the cookies! We followed it up with a Tex-Mex brunch chaser.

Dad with the homemade fruitcake I sent him

Candied fruit and nuts and love… yummy.

Our new living room furniture (thank you, Santa!)

Paleo lasagna

I didn’t love the paleo lasagna, but other people did. I’ll share the recipe — and the long odyssey it took to figure out the recipe — in a few days. Whew!

Smudge in her Christmas finery

Smudge spent the morning getting spayed. Not the nicest Christmas present ever, but she’s fully recovered and got a kickass present from her Aunt Erin.

Lots of beautiful CrossFit girls

From the left, that’s Pam, Jennifer, Annie, Erika, Bonita, and Bernie… with Anna, Catherine, and Sara in the front row.

Tipsy pullups
Yeah, it was probably my idea to put on our coats and hit the pullup bar in the backyard. Crap like that always seems like a good idea to me, after two pomegranate fizzes, some prosecco, and a walk through the neighborhood with a bourbon to look at the neighbor’s nutcracker collection.

I love Erika’s flying long hair! And that in my first photo, you can see the ruffly bloomers I wear under my short dresses.


Merry Christmas, everyone! We’ll return to our regularly-scheduled training and dino-chow menu on Sunday. ‘Til then, call a far-away friend, sleep late, eat a cookie, take a walk, and hug somebody you love.

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