Friday Fun

Pasta’s out, but with these sauces, spaghetti squash and browned ground beef (or bison!) will never be lonely.

I don’t know about you, but a bagel as big as my head doesn’t hold much appeal anymore.

Nothing says “weekend” like med ball cleans, burpees, and Russian twists. This looks like a good one to do on your own, no?

This just makes me want to watch A Christmas Story again.

Talk about a Tonka Truck of love!

And finally, tonight is a big night! Brave the chilly temps and join me for rock shows that will warm you up.

7:00 Christmas Party @ CrossFit Central
It’s kinda fun to visit the gym once in a while and know that it will be pain and sweat free.

8:00 The Blitzens @ Beerland
The Blitzens are a rock band that emerge every December to play only Christmas music… and none of that “Silent Night” stuff… think “Back Door Santa” and “Frosty the Red-Nosed Marshmallow.”

10:00 Karaoke Apocalypse @ Highball
The last time we played at the Highball, we had a fog machine, laser lights, and a packed audience.

Tonight I can promise candy and the appearance of Santa’s helper (Note that the anagram of Santa is Satan. Ahem.) Here’s an interview with my bandmates from our last Highball show.

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