Fight Gone Bad: A Story In Photos

Fight Gone Bad IV | Saturday, September 26, 2009

I was in the first heat at 8:00 a.m., and it was just gorgeous when we arrived at the Long Center.

There was a marching band…And I felt like I had all my donors with me because their names were shiny across my chest…
My good friend Erika was there…And so was Blake. We were feeling huggy.
Then we warmed up…And I was pretty excited about the whole thing…
But then I got nervous, too.

So I decided to do a practice Sumo Deadlift High Pull (my nemesis-of-the-day) with the 55-lb. bar.
And it was OK!Then Jeremy counted 3-2-1… GO! and my ponytails were flying. First round: one minute of sumo deadlift high pull.
Then one minute of box jumps on a 20″ box. Last year, I couldn’t jump on the box because I was too scared, so I had to do step-ups. This year, I jumped on every one. That made me really happy.
Especially when I had enough energy to jump DOWN, too. (Note my fancy new gold Chuck Taylors.)
Then it was one minute of push press with a 55-lb. bar.And on to the rower for one minute.Then, finally, wall ball with a 14-lb. ball… which I KILLED at the gym last month and which killed me on Saturday. That line was SO high. So painfully high. Only about half of my attempts passed muster.
One minute of rest!
And then the whole cycle started again. I like this photo Dave took; it’s like a CrossFit “Where’s Waldo?”
Things got a little rough during the second round, as you can see by my posture during the one-minute rest.
And then we were in the last round… just 5 minutes to glory (or collapse or both). I feel that this pic from the box jumps accurately captures how I felt during the entire last round.
I’m pretty sure I was trying to give the ball a motivational speech here… or threatening it…Then I was finished!

And I got to celebrate with Aaron (who scored an awesomely annoying 299. 300 next year, Aaron!)And Jennifer, who did FGB for the first time and RULED like a queen…And Blake, who made FGB cry like a little girl…
And Maggie who I’m pretty sure smiled the whole way through, right Maggie?The Deep Eddy team did AWESOME and made us all proud. From L to R, it’s Stephen, Robert, Mindy, Jessica, and Nicole in the back… Maggie, Jennifer, Me, Blake in the middle… and our superstar coach Crystal in front.
Then we all got cleaned up and took lots of pictures at Molotov. Here we are swarming Jeremy Thiel, our host and CrossFit coach with the mostest.
See? We’re real girls. With makeup and everything!
The Deep Eddy crew…
And a gaggle of giggling girls…And my cute husband Dave…In the stairwell to the parking lots, Erika and I discovered the latest in CrossFit equipment and water management…
I’m pretty sure these are not approved uses for these pipes.The end.

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