Ring(s) of Fire

While you read my report on two major workouts this week, I invite you to enjoy the Johnny Cash song “Ring of Fire” as performed by my numero uno favorite band in the world, Social Distortion. Social D has been covering this song so long – and so well – it’s practically THEIR song now. (Apologies to the Man in Black, but this version kills!)

The fire was actually happening in my shoulders this week, but it was caused by the rings (and man-makers and pushups and wall ball), so you can see where the song comes in.

Enjoy! Read on…

Tuesday CrossFit Women
AMRAP 20 minutes:
8 man-makers, 25-lb. dbs
4 box jumps
2 muscle ups

I finished 5 complete rounds plus 3 man-makers. This was the first time I did man-makers with 25-lb. dbs. It was humbling and awesome. Afterward, I thought, I might maybe coulda shoulda woulda tried the 30-pounders. So next… for sure.

Calling what I did a “muscle up” is a stretch, but starting from my knees and struggling up into dip position, I could, for the first time, feel what it might be like to do a real muscle up. I don’t anticipate that happening any time soon, but I enjoyed trying. Sorta. This workout was really all about the man-makers for me.

Thursday CrossFit Women
5 rounds for time:
25 wall ball, 14-lb. ball
25 ring rows
My time: 22:33

6-lb. ball:

50 Russian twist
50 Situps

Um, yeah… wall ball. That was a lot of wall ball. And I’m glad. It was really great to get a rhythm going with the med ball and visualize Fight Gone Bad.

What can I say about the ring rows?

1. They were challenging. Like, 5 at a time challenging.
2. I am feeling them today. A lot.
3. I liked them, in that masochistic way.
4. They were “rest” from the wall ball, which seems wrong and odd, but true.

[This is totally not me doing ring rows. I hope mine looked as good as hers.
Photo unabashedly ‘borrowed’ from East Side CrossFit.]
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  • Aaron says:

    Way to go with 25's on the man-makers Mel! Wasn't it just in August when you mentioned hating the 20's? Hope you put a big 'ol RX'D on the board after that one. That's WOOT! worthy. Nice going!

  • Aaron says:

    Oh yeah… WOOT!

  • Melicious says:

    It's definitely double-WOOT-worthy. Thanks, Aaron!

  • Littles says:

    I have no idea what man makers are, but they sound hard so congrats on the increase.
    2 things,I prd on my push jerk from 90 to 95lbs.

    Secondly, if you can find a farm that you can buy pork from DO IT NOW.
    I bought a 1/2 of a pig and just cooked up the ground pork into a coconut milk, green chile, green bean etc. curry thing. It's the best pork ever. I am resisting downing the whole pot right now.

  • anniebug says:

    TOTALLY feel you on this. I hate but love them…it satisfies the 'let's do something upside down" childlike fun in me. However, the aching/burning post ring rowing is not for children.