These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: A Really Good Knife

I’m working hard to continue to evolve my thinking about food. It’s tricky business. On one hand, I enjoy delicious food and don’t have any desire to be a person who eats “because they have to.” In my family, food is art and expression and comfort and enjoyment – and now, healthy and life-sustaining. On the other hand, I think it’s bad news for me to romanticize food to the point that it becomes too much of an activity unto itself. There’s a careful balance between necessity and enjoyment, and I’m going to find it.

I’ve been moving away from the idea of foods that are “cheats” and “rewards” and, instead I give myself an occasional “treat”… popcorn, buttered toast, chips & salsa, a couple of french fries, white cake with white buttercream frosting. These foods don’t have a place in my everyday menu, so once in a while, I eat them in small quantities that won’t send me into a downward spiral of shame and sugar.

Gone is the snarfed bag of Baked Lay’s to celebrate Friday afternoon, or a chocolate chip cookie because my I met a big work deadline (although I did have some smooth Woodford Reserve bourbon last night to celebrate a big project milestone, but that’s another story).

My point is this: If I’m not buying myself edible treats at the grocery store, I deserve something else. And naturally, that something is a knife.

A few months ago, I saw a cute little pink paring knife at the Central Market checkout and added it to my kitchen arsenal. After all, a good, sharp knife that feels right in your hand is one of the best things you can do for your diet. Almost every recipe starts with chopping, and healthy food takes lots of chopping. The tasks required to make piles of dino-chow should be as easy and fun as possible, and stylish, effective kitchen tools are a big part of that.

After my visit to Sea World a few weeks ago where I saw these guys…
I saw this guy at Target and brought him home:

Not only is that thing ridiculously cute, it’s got a nice sharp blade and good balance. It’s the perfect knife for lopping a Larabar in half to save some for later, hulling strawberries, cleaning the excess fat from a chicken breast, and chopping vegetables.

Look out peppers! I’m at the top of the food chain, and you look yummy.

How are you rewarding yourself these days? Post to comments and share your ideas!

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  • Barbara says:

    That is possibly the cutest damn knife ever….unless they start making a Hello Kitty knife. I'd be all over that!

    I still reward myself once a week, saturday with some frozen yogurt with candy topping and a small glass of wine. It makes me smile.

    I'm trying to start buying cute WO clothes or get facials in place of food. It's a battle of craves!


  • Jen says:

    That's too funny! I just rewarded myself with…some new knives! Cutco ones…which I love wayway more than my henkels! So for the past two weeks, not only have I been sporting the usual sexy Crossfit tears, but I've added a whole collection of nicks and slits to my left hand courtesy of my new toys! I've been compensating for my crappy knives for so long, that I'm now just blazing through the food and straight into my hand. Gotta be thankful when those fingernails stop the blade! I also just got some beautiful watermelon colored ceramic bowls from Chef's that make me smile everytime I use them! And some mise en place bowls!

    And I've also started rewarding myself by buying food that previously would have been deemed 'too expensive' considering I'm feeding my kid's to. But yesterday they had pizza…and I stopped by Henry's after the pizza parlor and picked up raspberries and a beautiful piece of thresher shark. I'm also allowing myself to buy coconut oil, and coconut water and larabars and flank steak and top sirlion and scallops and veal. I'm eating less, so I rationalize that I'm spending the same amount of money on my food overall!