Careful What You Wish For…

A week or so ago, I wrote an email to Carey, asking her if we could throw around some heavy weights in our CrossFit Women class. I said:

There are three reasons I want to try a workout like that:

1. It scares the crap out of me, and it’s been too long since I did some new, scary stuff.

2. I think it would really give my fat loss a kick in the pants if I lifted heavy once a week.

3. The strength you and Crystal demonstrated at the CrossFit Games is really inspiring and I want to see what it feels like to get strong.

This morning, this was written on the whiteboard:

5 x 5 Power Cleans


So… the good news:

1. I set a PR of 80 lbs. (mostly ’cause I’ve never done Power Cleans before). That seems like not very much weight to me, but whatever. I’ll take it… for now.

2. When I got frustrated (and believe me, I reached stratospheric levels of frustration this morning), I walked around and then bellied up the bar again.

3. I didn’t quit, even though I really, really, REALLY wanted to. I muddled through all five rounds.

4. Carla, Lizette, Erika, and Bonita all PR’d, too. Big whoops of joy to Erika for making the 90-lb. bar cry like newly-crowned beauty queen… and to Bonita for making 145lbs. look like featherweight.

Oh! The bad news:

1. I kinda suck at Power Cleans. I’m not very skilled at the Hang Clean or the Squat Clean, and this was way, WAY worse. [Dear elbows, Do you think you cloud please learn to swing around to the front more quickly, and maybe – if you wouldn’t mind – loosen up a little so I can raise you higher in the front? That would really help with my clean. Please? Thank you! Mel]

2. I’m probably going to be wicked sore tomorrow. (But in the grand scheme of things, this one probably maybe belongs in the ‘good’ list.)

Thank you, Carey, for helping us spread our wings into new territory. Thank you, Carla, for being my support crew. It was frexciting!

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  • Megan Parsons says:

    CONGRATS, Mel!!! I wish I could have been there this morning to witness the showout performance. Keep up the hard work!!! There are no limits to what you can attain.

  • Melicious says:

    Thank you, Megan! It was not pretty.
    I miss you! See you Saturday, right?

  • Team CS says:

    "Aaahhhhh….my back!" – This is what my mind has been thinking all day. I suppose my sentiments toward today are comparable to yours. While I'm happy about the PR, I know there's a lot of work ahead of me in terms of technique, "LESS THINKING – MORE DOING", and form.

    I'm so glad you didn't give up, and that you finished even when we were told to put all of our equipment up. Great job!


  • Amber says:

    I can tell you now, my elbows are SO much better than they were even 2 months ago at swinging around. The flexibility comes, and you'll notice it more and more. Go you!!

  • anniebugger says:

    OMG you're the reason why I'm feeling all levels of hurts in my shoulder, arms and general EVERYWHERE-NESS today! 😛 I agree with you on power cleans…I don't like being naturally talented at them. Was my first time too so I guess it all gets better with practice. I'll wait to tell my arms there is more to come…wait for them to stop burning.

  • Melicious says:

    Hi, Anniebugger! Yeah… my upper back is starting to get that feeling I know oh-so-well. Yay, cleans!

    My arch nemeses:
    1. thrusters
    2. cleans
    3. ring dips
    4.[slot available]

    The #4 spot used to be filled with box jumps (conquered), then double-unders (conquered). See? Eventually those nasty little buggers succumb. I'm scared to see what will take spot #4 next!

  • anniebug says:

    So I decided to use up makeup class yesterday at 6pm (not my best moment) after doing that insane power clean workout on Wed…one word. Recovery.

  • Melicious says:

    Good on you. Hope you're resting today!