Burpee Box Jumps! OMG!

I’m a big fan of the burpee. I started the 100 burpee challenge last year and made it to day 52 when I decided I’d had enough. During the 52 days in a row that I did the damn things, I went through love, hate, and indifferent phases, but ultimately came down firmly on the side of love (especially after I read the article about how convicts do them in prison to maintain their strength). I also currently have a wicked crush on the burpee’s bad-boy cousin: the (wo)man-maker.

Anyway… a few weeks ago, Carla did a workout in Houston that included burpee box jumps — do a burpee but instead of jumping up with a clap, jump onto a plyo box — and then almost simulataneously, Bonita started taunting me with youtube videos of hardcore burpee variations.

I started lusting after the burpee box jump, big time.

This morning, Crystal made my dreams a reality: she put burpee box jumps into our workout (with the stone wall as a substitute for the plyo box). They TOTALLY ruled. They’re the workout equivalent of Tony Miernicki from high school. He was tough and charming and all-together appealing, while also being totally scary for the square, goody-two-shoes that I was.

Friday Bootcamp Workout
3 rounds for time:
10 sumo deadlift high pull, 15-lb. dumbbells
10 dips w/ feet on ball
10 snatch, PVC pipe
10 front squats, 15-lb. dumbbells
100m uphill sprint

My time: 8:15

5 rounds:
8 burpee box jumps, 18″ wall (WOOT!)
12 med ball slams, 10-lb. ball

10-lb. med ball:
30 standing chest pass
30 chest pass situps
20 overhead tap situps

I definitely want to work on the burpee box jump more, and then I want to try this:

But maybe I’ll just start with the 12″ box for my safety and everyone else’s sanity.

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