Great Running Songs: "This is How a Heart Breaks"

I like Matchbox 20 a reasonable amount, and I thought that Rob Thomas was really cute and sexy — and sounded great — when he collaborated with Santana on “Smooth.” When R. Thomas decided to take a break from his band for a solo stint, I was skeptical. His first single “Lonely No More” made me feel kinda… meh.

But this! This is a kickass running song. Dare you to hold back when you hear those drums.

Great Running Song: Cruel To Be Kind

Last night Dave and I went to see Nick Lowe at La Zona Rosa here in Austin. I was mostly excited to see him because...

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Mission 9: Costa Rica

If you haven't treated yourself to the app Zombies, Run! yet, don't wait! Get it now; so much fun. And if you are running from...

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