The Jig is Up, The News is Out

Enjoy this totally awesome rendition of “Renegade” by Styx while I tell you about Bootcamp this morning.

Before I get to the workout, we must discuss the 11 details (turn it up to 11!) that make this video AWESOME:

  1. The hair!
  2. The hair flipping.
  3. The keyboard player’s striped mock turtleneck.
  4. The drummer’s faux-Versace dress shirt.
  5. Guitar solos that will make your face melt off.
  6. Overhead clapping.
  7. The bass player’s shirt is sparkly AND a mock turtleneck!
  8. Audience sing-along.
  9. Like, five false endings.
  10. Name-drop of “I Shot the Sherriff.”
  11. The lead singer Tommy Shaw can blow, man.

OK. Now that we’ve cleared that up…

Our workout
21-15-9 for time:

  • renegade rows, 15-lb dumbbells
  • med ball cleans, 10-lb. ball
  • push jerk, 15-lb dumbbells
  • stairs sprints, 3 flights

My time: 16:00 on the nose (And now you get the Styx reference, right?)

Core work
I don’t know what any of these things are actually called, but they were challenging and fun.

2X 10 reps: Situp w/ overhead tap –> roll up to standing –> wall ball, 10-lb. ball

15 L + 15 R: side plank dips, then plank + knee in + side extension

Today was my fourth day in a row of CrossFit workouts, and I’m definitely feeling that familiar tired/sore/good twinge. Nice! Tomorrow is a nice-n-easy 4-mile run; only 57 more days ’til the Austin Half Marathon. That’s pretty frexciting.

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  • Carla Marie says:

    I totally tried to come out this morning. I didn’t know where you all were and I didn’t know which garage we use as a backup. So, in a way – I was there at 6:30.

    I think I’ll do the drop in sessions next mon and tuesday. I miss bootcamp!

  • c9 says:

    Renegade is one of my all time favorite Karaoke songs. Seriously.