Halloween with Karaoke Apocalypse

Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate Halloween with the DeadMotleySexMaidens:

10. It’s a FREE SHOW!

9. We’re playing at Tiniest Bar in Texas, so you can rock out under the stars.

8. I’m wearing a Xena costume — and I’ve been practicing my sword fighting skills.

7. A few years ago, our (male) drummer wore fake boobs with his costume!

6. Free candy!

5. Live band karaoke = pretty entertaining

4. Costumes + live band karaoke = ridiculously entertaining

3. Shots + costumes + live band karaoke = painfully entertaining

2. Ozzy wants you to.

And the number one reason to celebrate Halloween with Karaoke Apocalypse…

1. If you don’t come to the show, vampires will surely suck out every last drop of blood from your worthless body.

Come out and play with us!
Friday, October 31
EARLY SHOW! 8:00-11:00 (or until they kick us out)
Tiniest Bar in Texas – 817 W 5th St (across from Whole Foods)

In case you’ve never seen the Karaoke Apocalypse…
Our band plays the songs… you sing! Punk rock, new wave, and metal hits from the ’70s and ’80s. We’ve got the lyrics and the human teleprompter (me!) to make sure you rock it like a pro.

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