Great Running Songs: "Good Vibrations"

I know my running playlist is probably creating the impression that I have terrible taste in music.

Maybe I do.

But I dare you to not enjoy the piano parts in this one.

Dave and I ran the 4.17 mile loop around the lake last night. The weather was perfect, the dogs were cute, and I was faster than usual. Faster than ever, really.

4.17 miles – 37:41 total – 9:02 per mile

Tomorrow morning is the Lost in the Lost Pines trail run. No 9-minute miles tomorrow… but I’m very excited about running through the trees and tackling rocks, roots, mud, sand, and steep inclines. Wheeeeeee! I’m going to play in the woods!

Hope I don’t get eaten by a bear.

Ooooh! Maybe I’ll see a gnome.

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