1-Legged Burpees!

Crystal really outdid herself this morning.

3 rounds:

  • 1-legged burpees, 5L/5R
  • med ball wood choppers, 5L, 5R / 6-, 10-, 8-lb. ball
  • sprint w/ the ball to the first bridge pillar and back
  • 20X overhead med ball throw, 10-lb. ball
  • 20X overhead head tap situp, 10-lb. ball
  • 30X Russian twist, 10-lb. ball

The 1-legged burpees were AWESOME. I love when we try something new and it sounds completely ridiculous and impossibly hard and then we do it and it’s FUN. And hard. But FUN.

[And I love when I write run-on sentences, and I don’t care.]

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