Karaoke Apocalypse – Saturday Night

We’re rocking the Nomad Bar on Saturday night. 10:00 p.m.
You should seriously consider coming out to the show. I mean, what else are you doing on Saturday night? And really, there are few things better than shaking your *ss and banging your head to “Enter Sandman” and “Ace of Spades.

Nomad Bar is at 1213 Corona Drive, off Cameron, near the Carousel Lounge. They have a really nice patio and according to prevailing opinion, it’s a cool place but not “too hipster-y.”I will be there, wearing something appropriately scandalous, shaking my tambourine and generally behaving like a teenager who’s finally off being grounded. No cocktails for me, but definitely wiggling and, if the spirit moves, pogo-ing.

You should come. Really.

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  • Team CS says:

    It’s time for another dose of Karaoke Apocalypse. You look like a hottie tottie in that youtube video. fun!

    I’ve been here at work all day on blogger.com. Gah!