35+36 Burpees

A terribly wonderful (wonderfully terrible?) thing is happening: the phrases “70 burpees” and “not so bad” are forming a connection in my noggin.

Today I did a burpee tour of the house: 30-some in the Glamour Room, 20-some in the gazebo in the backyard, and the final sets right here, in my studio, behind my desk.

Helpful tips discovered through personal trial and error:

  • Burpees are much easier in shoes than in socks or tights.
  • Hair should definitely be pulled into a ponytail or some such, unless you want to be annoyed. A lot. By swinging hair.
  • Saying “Yay, burpee” on the clap really does make it easier.

Also, a skinny-ass calico cat named Sesame is NOT a helpful burpee partner.

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