The Burpee Saga Continues

On Thursday I wrote about my burpee dilemma: do the make-up work to get current with the 100 Day Burpee Challenge, or cheat/quit. Thank you to my awesome friends who came to the rescue and reminded me not to just give up. (Bonita, Jen, and Carla, I’m looking at you.)

Yesterday morning, Bonita met us in the field after Bootcamp, then she, Carla, and I cranked out 60 burpees. Added to the 10 we did during our class, that left 50 make-ups and 32 new ones for today. So there we were, after the UTB (and lots of pushups) — Carey, Carla, Bonita, and I — clapping and jumping and squatting and push-upping in patches of shade, hands in the dirt, dusted with dried bits of grass.

So we’re caught up. And I have every intention of staying that way. Tomorrow: 33.

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