Bootcamp And Burpees, Or Cough 0 – Mel 1

I was up for a few hours around 1:00 a.m., thanks to a coughing fit, but I finished reading my book, watched a little TV (Magnum, P.I.), then snoozed… woke up feeling somewhat clear-headed and very energetic. Woot!

Bootcamp ruled! We met at the UTB location — our new Fabulous Friday Workout™ — and my adorable pal Mamie joined us for her first CrossFit workout (Yay, Mamie!)

Mamie & me, not sweaty, after enjoying some fine wine

4 rounds, 45 seconds each station:

  • lunges with kettlebell pass, 13-lb. kettlebell
  • wall ball, 6-lb. ball
  • parallettes swings (front and back? I don’t know what those dang things are called.)
  • soldier walk up the hill, 15-lbs. dumbbells
  • overhead squats, PVC pipe

partner med ball: Wheel of Fortune race

  • 5 overhead tap
  • 5 chest pass
  • 5 overhead tap
  • 5 Russian twist, L
  • 5 overhead tap
  • 5 Russian twist, R
  • 5 overhead tap

So… I love those parallettes front-back swingy things. The first time I tried them at a UTB a month or so ago, I couldn’t get the backward swing. It was enormously frustrating, but SO MUCH FUN.

This morning, I completed the front and back swing on five in a row on each round, then had to do the “stop in the middle” scaled version. (Thanks for the encouragement, Sarah!) Very exciting. Each little success is a deposit in the Parkour Bank™ so that some day, I can go out in the world and fly with Randal.

Then, because we just can’t get enough, Carla and I did three sets of burpees — 22, 23, and 24 — so we’re current with the 100 Day Burpee Challenge. (Thank you, Carla!)

Carla and me, not sweaty, celebrating the CrossFit Central Official Grand Opening
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