Six Miles and 18 Burpees

Dave and I did the 3-mile loop at the hike and bike trail twice today to fulfill our 6-mile training obligation. Two thumbs up for the run this morning. Lots of cute dogs and attractive people (this includes you, Jennifer!), and we both ran much faster than the Nike+ Human Race last weekend. I guess a 3.66-mile run in the a.m. and an afternoon spent noshing on peanut butter bars aren’t the best way to prepare for a 10k.


My times:
1st 3-mile loop: 29:40
(18 burpees)
2nd 3-mile loop: 31:20

Man! I tried so hard to get that second loop in at 30 minutes, but couldn’t convince my legs to get on board with that idea.

Still… 61 minutes? Not bad.

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