Heartbreak and Success

Let’s get the painful (but awesome) part out of the way.

On Saturday night, Mr. Mike Ness was scheduled to play at the Stone Pony, which rock aficionados know is where the other much-loved mister in our household — Bruce Springsteen — got his start.

Travel back in time with me a few weeks and imagine this real conversation that took place over IM with me at work and Dave at the home office:

Me: “Wow. Mike is playing at the Stone Pony. Wouldn’t it be cool if Bruce made a surprise apearance on a few songs!”

Dave: “Yeah… I think Bruce will be in Europe then. That would be cool, though.”

Me (to myself, perhaps muttering): “Can’t spend money to fly to Jersey to see Mike Ness again. I just went to Houston and Dallas a few weeks ago. Gotta save money to go to Prague next year. Plus, Bruce isn’t going to drop into the Stone Pony.”

Yeah. You can see it coming down the tracks, can’t you?

According to news reports, Bruce joined Mr. Mike Ness onstage for four songs:

1. Misery Loves Company (their duet from Cheating at Solitaire, the best album ever ever EVER)
2. Ball and Chain
3. If You Leave Before Me
4. I Fought The Law

Photographic evidence so later, when I’m old, I can trick myself into remembering that I was there:

Hearbreak? Check.

Moving on to success…

I had a pretty good weigh-in at Weight Watchers on Saturday. I’m just 8.5 lbs. from my WW goal. Did another sweep of baggy clothes for donation.

After my meeting, I completed my first solo Spartan 300 Challenge workout:

3 times through this cycle:

  • 20 thrusters (squat + overhead press) with 15-lb. dumbbells
  • 20 renegade rows (pushup with rows in between) with 10-lb. dumbbells
  • 400 meter run

I finished in 18 minutes and had a decent attitude.

Then Dave and I did our first 9 minutes on/1 minute off run. We did that circuit twice, and I’m not too proud to say, the second interval was very challenging for me. I had to go to my “give yourself over to the discomfort” place.

Then I showered and ate my well-deserved machacado (and a bunch of tortilla chips and salsa). Fuck, yeah.

My coach Crystal reviewed my food log this morning and dubbed it “awesome”… even with the Saturday morning splurge.

Success? Check.

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