Tropical Tabata

It’s not all plantains and piña coladas. I mean, it’s mostly plantains and piña coladas, but a girl’s gotta do some moving around to keep her sanity. Yesterday, we played frisbee on the beach, then strolled toward Tamarindo until we hit the DO NOT CROSS estuary. And this morning, we joined the iguanas in the garden for Tropical Tabata.

A full tabata workout is 8 x (:20 work + :10 rest) for a total of 16 minutes of effort. But we’re on half-vacation, and it’s hot as blazes here, so we cut our rounds back to five for a 10-minute workout. For the record, it still kicked our butts. (Not familiar with tabata? Here’s a quick overview — and here are all my posts about my tabata adventures.)

1 lap around the garden — be on the lookout for iguanas, lizards, and sand crabs
high knees, butt kicks, straight-leg march
low, static squat

Tropical Tabata

5 x (:20 work + :10 rest)

air squats – I managed 17 each round
sprawls – I eked out 9 each round (sprawl how-to video)
situps – I groaned through 10 each round
jumping jacks – I bounced through 27 each round

Then we jumped in the pool to cool off and settled down to breakfast: eggs scrambled with onions, jalapeños, and Canadian bacon, with a lovely, cold orange on the side.

Tomorrow, we’re on the run from zombies again; we must be ever-vigilant.

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  • JennF says:

    I really appreciate you posting your vacation-y workouts. I’ll be going on a tropical vacation next month and love the ideas. Thanks!

  • hillary says:

    Love this workout idea. I have to ask, what are sprawls?

  • Lori says:

    I received your cookbook in the mail on Thursday and just spent the afternoon doing a “Weekly Cookup.” WOW! Thank you so much! I’m on Day 5 of my 2nd Whole30 and I can already tell it is going to be so much easier … and tastier!
    Sunshine Sauce – Amazing!
    Homemade mayo – Everything you promised it would be!

    Thanks so much for such a practical cookbook that doesn’t just have recipes but includes the organizational strategies I need to stick with my eating goals and not go crazy!

    Enjoy your vacation and the knowledge that yet another life has been blessed by you!


    • Mel says:

      Congratulations on your Whole30! Really glad you’re enjoying Well Fed, and that it’s making your Whole30 a little easier. And yes, the mayo is a meal-saver, for sure. I just made another new version of tuna so I’d have an excuse to eat mayo 😉

      Thank you so much for your sweet words. Happy cooking & eating to you!